Win GROOM Bathing Tablets!

This giveaway is sponsored by and fulfilled by GROOM Bathing Tablets. Pet store aisles are littered with hundreds of pet shampoos that make magical claims but often cause adverse reactions because of… [[ This is a summary only. Click the … Continue reading

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How to Groom Long Haired Cats : How to Clip Matted Cat Hair

How to clip out matted hair from a cat’s coat in this free feline dental health video. Expert: Carolyn Haynie Contact: Bio: Carolyn Hayn… If your cat is experiencing hair or fur loss then there are many possible … Continue reading

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How to Groom a Cat : How to Brush a Cat’s Fur

Learn the proper way to brush your cat and eliminate excess hair and hairballs in this free video. Expert: Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan gradu… Video Rating: 2 / 5 Treat a cat for matted fur with daily brushing … Continue reading

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How to Groom & Color Dog Fur : How to Color a Large Dog’s Fur

Get a demonstration on how to color a large dog’s fur in this free video clip. Expert: Kat Roll Bio: Kat Roll, Dogma’s Master Stylist, has been a pet care pr… Video Rating: 2 / 5

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