Q&A: How long can I take ketoconazole?

Question by synergy12_6: How long can I take ketoconazole?
I’d like to try taking it for my hyperandrogenism and PCOS. I’ve taken it for candida before and didn’t have any negative side effects. I’ve read some studies that claim it to be a very effective treatment, but I’m concerned about the possible liver damage. Can you just take it as long as your liver is still functioning well or is there an estimated cut off?

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Answer by aWellWisher
For prostate cancer patients are advised high dose (800 to 1200 mg/day) ketoconazole for many months, but their blood ketoconazole levels are monitored frequently and there is always a risk of impaired LFT.
See this page-


Of course you need to discuss this with your doctor, I don’t think you will need so high dose. Also, once the effect is established, the dose may be tapered off to lowest limit.
It just occurred to me. can it be a trial as alternating between ketoconazole and metformin?
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