Home Cooking Helps Pets Feel Better!

Dr. Greg,

First let me start by thanking you. Your Dog Dish Diet info has saved our wonderful doggies from a life of painful deterioration!
The oldest is a 9 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, so I don’t even really need to mention that she had hip problems, right? Made worse by her being hit by a car at around age 2, no doubt, and in the last year or so the hip and leg on that side of her body had been giving her trouble, being easily injured and re-injured, shaking when standing still, etc.
Notice how I used the past tense above? Yeah, that’s because her bad hip isn’t bad anymore, a fact evidenced by how she can once again rear up excitedly when she’s happy… And she’s happy A LOT lately! In fact, all 4 of our middle-aged dogs are now happier and healthier than ever before, bounding around like puppies full of energy–especially at dinner time. They all once again have waists, too, even the snausage-shaped beagles.
Also none of them has noticeable gas anymore, which I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone is truly a blessing when you let dogs live in the house with you!
This is after just 3 short months of feeding them your stew (gas problems stopped within the first week or so). Well, your stew made my way.* I also recently began incorporating more raw veggies into their dinner, and it was since then that the Rotty-Shepherd’s leg became noticeably better.
And… now this may sound strange… I think she even LOOKS younger! It’s hard to describe, but the looks she gives as well as the way her face itself looks, her mannerisms, her perky ears, ready wagging tail and seemingly boundless energy just make her seem like a younger version of herself, and at an age where she was starting to go downhill, health-wise.
Again, notice the past tense :)
And again, thank you so much for your wonderful book, website, blog, and all that you are doing to save our pets from our own wrong-headed thinking. Maybe I can find the same success with our fellow humans…
Keep up the good work!
Sandra Mach
Building Better Health, One Meal at a Time
* I’m in the business of doing the same thing for people that you are doing for dogs–teaching them how to use food more correctly, which in turn results in better health and a much higher quality of life.

One of the main tenets of Regenerative Eating is that we should eat carbs and proteins at separate meals due to their needing opposing digestive processes. I’m not sure dogs can even digest carbs at all, since they have neither the enzyme in their saliva required to start the process nor the long digestive tract needed for starch digestion. Also the presence of carbs interferes with protein digestion in the stomach, for us, so just in case it’s the same for dogs I use no carbs in my version of the stew or any snacks (not even potato, brown rice, pumpkin, or banana).

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the great letter and support! My patients have taught me that they are individuals that need better ingredients in their diets. Commercial pet food is not suitable for at least thirty percent of my patients. After cooking for my dogs for years, I don’t think I could ever go back to a commercial kibble. I occasionally feed canned food, but can make a better quality food for less money in my crock pot. Once I saw the benefits of home cooking in my dogs, cats, and patients I became an advocate of home cooking!

I believe, as you do, that a less processed diet is much better for all of us. In fact, after I saw the changes in my pets, I began following my advice in my own diet. I lost weight and feel better.

I’m glad your dogs did so well on the diet. I really believe the home cooking helps nourish previously neglected skin and joints with healthful oils and cartilage not present in sufficient quantities in most commercial foods.

I’ll post this letter to help people understand that a nutritionist and veterinarian both agree that we need to consider other options for our pets!

Many people want to”patch” a poor diet with supplements or think that a “raw diet” or BARF diet is the only way to go. Although they are the most healthful, cost, fear, or allergies to ingredients may make these poor choices for some patients. Home cooking is an easy, economical way to ensure your pet gets the best ingredients and most healthful choices.You can also change ingredients to suit your individual pet! I think that avoiding allergens, high carbs,  and increasing the moisture and oils may add years to your pets’ life.

Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet will help you make better choices!



Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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