Charming Charcoal

Charcoal Gray // Bubby and Bean
1. Take Constellation Tee, Modcloth  //  2. Herringbone Scarf, Moorea Seal  //  3. Lightweight Beanie, Urban Outfitters  //  4. Ruched Bandeau Tank Swimsuit, J.Crew  //  5. Cashmere Sweater Nail Polish, Essie  //  6. One Star Laceless Slip-ons, Converse  //  7. Shortall Striped Overalls, Current/Elliott  //  8. Keep It Casual-Cool Top, Modcloth  //  9. Super Sunglasses, People Follia

Like everyone else in the northern hemisphere, I am over winter.  The worst part for me isn’t the cold or snow – it’s all of the gray.  When I look out my window, I see cloudy gray skies, dirty gray snow, and trees so lifeless that their normally rich brown bark has been replaced with a colorless, gray-tinged hue.  I can’t put into words how intensely I long for all of spring’s vibrant shades! 

So perhaps it’s ironic that gray is my very favorite color (well, tied with its extreme opposite – yellow).  At least 75% of my closet is gray, most of my walls are gray, my car is gray, and the majority of my home and studio decor is gray (or black and white, which, as we all know, makes gray). I’ve noticed that I even tend to dress my baby girl in predominantly gray outfits.  I love gray’s ability to transcend fads and trends but to always remain in style.  Gray is the ultimate classic color – it’s the perfectly minimalist shade that looks exquisite paired with just about anything.  And although I adore all tones of gray, charcoal is the queen bee in my eyes.  It’s deep and full but unlike black, still holds a touch of light.  So I’m paying tribute to charming charcoal for this edition of color love with some of my favorite wearable charcoal-shaded finds, as seen above.

Are you a lover of all things charcoal gray like I am?  Or do you prefer more vibrant colors?

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