How to Groom & Color Dog Fur : How to Color a Large Dog’s Fur

Get a demonstration on how to color a large dog’s fur in this free video clip. Expert: Kat Roll Bio: Kat Roll, Dogma’s Master Stylist, has been a pet care pr…
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25 Responses to How to Groom & Color Dog Fur : How to Color a Large Dog’s Fur

  1. Supagurl Jaay says:

    time to dye my cat blue

  2. Jasmine Guerrero says:

    Manic panic! :D

  3. carrie4492 says:

    Leave it to idiot, oh sorry I mean expert village to show you how you do
    something stupid. Yeah it’s real smart to use a dye intended for human use
    on your pet. If you want to dye your dog try food coloring or kool-aid.

  4. ducheswannabe says:

    dyed dogs don’t look cute…. just saying….

  5. Dani CHAV says:


  6. Dani CHAV says:

    but its still wrong though

  7. Elizabeth Butler says:

    poor thing….

  8. TotRevalution says:


  9. Martine K. says:

    @animelover828 …poodle or not…a dog needs to play, walk, think, run,
    hunt , swim, dive in the mud and be dirtyetc etc a lot of it depends on the
    breed. I know the Poodle is a wonderful breed with a great character. I
    know a large poodle who is not been trimmed the way poodles used to be
    trimmed. And thats a wonderful dog, I dont see why people have to make such
    silly haircuts. And why use dogs for it? Tell me, has it any use to cut a
    dog that way, or even paint it?

  10. morganXraptor says:

    how do you know if your pet wants a hair trim or not, how do you know they
    want a bath or not? you don’t so every time you brush, trim, and bathe your
    pet your “abusing” it cause you don’t know what it wants. maybe you should
    learn a thing or two dogs do not care what they look like there color blind
    and most pets can’t notice them self’s in mirrors the dye is a food
    coloring type base so it does no harm to there skin.

  11. flblu says:

    ma e normale sta cosa? 0__o

  12. dethklok745 says:

    I did that to my French Poodle named Roxette she is like Underdog She has a
    little red cape a little bit of her back colored red, her whole body except
    her feet colored blue, on her stomach I wrote U.D for Underdog, and her
    ears black and her fur and tail tan :)

  13. atomkobold says:

    @chunlired so i can strap you color your skin purple and cut your hair ? :D
    it looks hilarious to me and its not hurting you of course ill use safe dyes

  14. Taplo Albore says:

    it doesn’t say humans only and it dose not effect the dog at all there is
    nothing unsafe about it it has less crap then most other dyes

  15. SuicidalBannana says:

    @Renegadedipper to be honest you just owned me right there =p but all im
    saying is i dont get why people want to get a dogs fur coated , sry bout
    being rude to you

  16. RachelF19 says:

    cotton candy dog !!!!

  17. Karen Douglas says:

    ban in fl has been lifted and it is ok now in that state starting July 1,

  18. VtBudgies says:

    @Misssixtiespennylane it’s safe for the dog and it’s just like a hollowed
    costume or a hair dieting for humans just having fun doesn’t mean they
    don’t love them it’s safe and doesn’t bother the dog so get a life ps I’m
    none bias I don’t have a dog that’s colored!

  19. marcy199 says:

    che gran puttana

  20. Sian Butler says:

    OMG that poor dog

  21. SarahAshlieLove says:

    I never knew manic panic was safe for animals. :) I use manic panic for my
    hair whenever I dye it and its soooo amazing it makes you hair feel soft
    (if not already fried)

  22. Jason Hax says:

    lol a new Pokemon? :OOO

  23. Eevee Pikamolga says:

    I knew Blue’s Clues is real!

  24. Gigicherrylove64 says:

    i didnt know you could use manic panic on dogs :0 so cool

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