UltraTough® Clear Skins™ by BodyGuardz® – (Gel Installation for Tablets)

BodyGuardz® UltraTough™ Clear Skins™ are available for hundreds of devices at www.bodyguardz.com
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Haha this wasn’t a very productive episode but ya know I had to try to get some pets :) Check out AstonishingGamer: www.youtube.com Previous Episode: www.youtube.com Previous Video: www.youtube.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com Skype: ShnunGames Twitter: twitter.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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35 Responses to UltraTough® Clear Skins™ by BodyGuardz® – (Gel Installation for Tablets)

  1. xxchuletiitaxx says:

    Big disappointment! I had one of the old versions on my phone i recently had to get a replacement protector, i received this new type of apply (that was not the problem) the problem was that the new material is thinner, and feels cheap! Not only that, i applied it good, no bubbles no nothing, it looked perfect but second day i started seeing scratches all over the protector!! Unlike the one i previously had on for a year, that one had almost no scratches at all. Bring the old material back!!!

  2. sweetpotatoegirl says:

    Can i reapply the front part of the protector after 24 hrs or will it stretch? Thanks!

  3. bodyguardz says:

    Yes, that should work as well.

  4. sweetpotatoegirl says:

    Can i use some left over zagg spray to apply it instead of the gel

  5. MuffinDemons says:

    Awesome; I got mine and put the bodygaurdz on, great as always. Thanks!

  6. bodyguardz says:

    Yes, both will work great.

  7. MuffinDemons says:

    I have a few left over bottles from many iPod wet apply bodyguardz, I can use that spray thing instead right?

  8. bodyguardz says:

    Ya, we switched over to the gel application a few months ago because it dries much quicker, leaves less initial haze, and is easier to install. What did you think?

  9. djnosafety says:

    I didn’t know they now use a gel for the application. I was surprised yesterday when I installed it on my iPad 3.

  10. blooDdust191 says:

    way different than the ipad 2 installation :D and easier .. thanks !

  11. tiaradeanna says:

    P.S is there anyway to tame animals here?

  12. tiaradeanna says:

    I had a pet chicken but I accidentally killed it. Now I have a pet sheep, but I want Chicky back!

  13. MrAppreviews101 says:

    how didyou get a texture pack?

  14. ed4reed5 says:

    LOL at 7:37 its on a torch GRILLED CHICKEN.

  15. partyrocker1024567 says:

    How do you make videos on minecraft PE free?

  16. KT Kats says:


  17. KT Kats says:

    that sheep needs grass to eat and live

  18. jordanb9812 says:

    If you want a seed with lava, sugar cane and cactus also tons of coal try 637389494 its amazing

  19. luigimario2008 says:

    Want this game for free? Download app trailers and enter the bonus code “bonus1876″ and get a free $10 itunes gift card

  20. sampucketisawinner says:

    Hello lovin your minecraft videos! Make more!

  21. KennyPain7 says:

    Oh. For iOS, only the ipad has 7. I have no experience with android.

  22. rommell rivers says:

    no i have andriod and i have 7

  23. KennyPain7 says:

    Only the ipad has 7

  24. soverty96 says:

    In the next update they will add smelting armor and food so when you get lost of pigs,cows and chickens kill them when the update comes out.

  25. rommell rivers says:

    if u go to option in mincraft pe go to uncheck splitnscreen touch then u have sven panel boxes not 3

  26. Justin McCall says:

    what seed is this

  27. 3DSninja says:

    how do u get the texture pack?

  28. 3DSninja says:

    How do u record these?

  29. Cody Minnick says:

    im subscribe you just becasue ur funny but u acted like a retard talking to the animal

  30. TheMinecraftPEGamer says:

    All Minecraft PE fans, I made a small program for worlds in Minecraft PE, with the program you can change the world mode survival or creative!
    Here: watch?v=jFyI0L6YMvw

  31. Avcx1 says:

    Wherever they were in the other world is where that will spawn (simplified)

  32. Avcx1 says:

    Wherever that were in the other world*

  33. Avcx1 says:

    this might be late but when you change your entity file, where ever the animals were in the other were are we’re they will spawn in you world reply if this don’t make sense

  34. TheShadow0725 says:

    Does anyone know a seed for wheat

  35. acieyvue says:

    lol, the way i do it in minecraft pocket ed is i build a glass hallway, once the animal are in there than block the way that they just come from so that their only way out is to your house. ps: it’s very messing lol

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