How to shave down a matted cat?

Question by Caitlin: How to shave down a matted cat?
So we’ve had a stray cat wander up to our doorstep recently. (About two weeks ago.)
And after countless advertising and false hope we’ve failed to find his home, he’s a nice male cat
who would make a perfect companion but there’s one problem…


He has clumps of fur all down his sides, I’ve tried to brush them out but the big ones will not bust. I don’t want to wash him with matts in his fur just because I know it usually makes it worse. I’ve never had to deal with a cat this badly matted, I have an electric razor for my dogs (Shihtzu’s) and my black Persian cat but she’s never had a mat on her in her life.

I know cat skin will sometimes get pulled into the mat so I don’t want to just blindly go in with siccors and chop it off in fear of slicing him open. He stays outdoors where it’s hot in the summer and I feel so bad for him because he can’t cool himself off. We have worked a few out with the razor very carefully so now he just has a section of fur missing where we’ve cut it.

So do I completely shave him bald? Aside from the main up. ( I think he’s a maincoon)
I’ve watched some youtube videos but those don’t help, is there anything that maybe will loosen it up so it doesn’t take forever to get the mat off?

Thankyou all for your tips and suggestions, I just took “Sam” to the vet to get his vaccines, no microchip but we were still hoping! He does seem to have a slight allergy to dogs so he’s staying in our finished garage, he’s been shaved down completely aside from his mohawk going down his back, our vet said that the skin wasn’t getting the proper care it needed, he was very red and splotchy underneath. Also *ALOT* skinnier than we originally thought, he’s on antibiotics and getting fed very well. Though he seems to not grasp that dogs make him sneeze so I’ll leave to get his meds and come back to him snuggling up with my 7 month old shihtzu.

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Answer by B
Do yourself a favor and take the stray to a vet to get checked out and then to a groomer. Cats are hard to handle especially the minute they get spooked.

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6 Responses to How to shave down a matted cat?

  1. Mamma Cat says:

    I would suggest you take him to a groomer and get a lion cut.
    You can shave him yourself, but he is just starting to trust you so take him to someone else for the first time.

  2. scoutma53 says:

    I would still go with scissors, only slowly. If possible use scissors with blunt not pointy ends. He will look like he went through a lawnmower but no matter, the hair will grow again. You don’t want to take him down to his skin in hot weather because fur is an insulator against heat/sun as well as cold. I wonder if any Pet Stores have a hair detangler that is safe for cats(who lick everything).

  3. Su-Nami says:

    Take the cat to the vet first – if your are going to keep him. Get all of his shots and then call a groomer. Look for on that specializes in cats or a groomer that has handled cats in the past.

  4. Caitlyn says:

    they sell these things called ‘mat combs’ and they have little razors in them that cut the fur as you brush. wide tooth combs also can help, sometimes better than a regular brush. remember to hold the skin down so you don’t pull on it and if you can get rid of them still… you might have to take him to a groomer or a vet to get them professionally removed.

  5. jon l says:

    Take him to a vet for a full check, and shots such as rabies, distemper, etc. Check him for FLV, etc. Get him a wormer and flea med such as Revolution which takes care of both worms and fleas. The vet will also have clippers and should be able to get all the matts out for you safely, but may charge a fee if its all over his which case you are better off taking him to a groomer first before his check up where they can demattify him and also give him a good bath. He will not like any of these and may be a handful with the bath so better the enemy be a stranger than you!! Good luck and thank you for giving one of nature’s angels a home and TLC. I do hope you will be able to keep him inside too. Main Coons are usually quite docile an get along well with other pets.

  6. RoVale says:

    Your best bet would be to take the cat to a professional but if you feel you can do it yourself, the best thing to do is to make this a two person job. One person to hold the cat while the other shaves. The cat is going to struggle so make sure the other person is experienced with restraining cats.

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