Lizard Breath May Have Evolved Before Dinosaurs

Lizard Breath May Have Evolved Before Dinosaurs
Is there a safer place for this cat to be than tucked under the giant, watchful head of its Bernese mountain dog buddy? (Of course the cat is probably (It lives in splashy coastal rocks so it can remain moist and breathe through its skin and gills
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The one myth about cats that's actually true
For those unfamiliar with the term, "clipnosis" refers to the phenomenon whereby a cat is rendered suddenly immobile by a gentle squeezing of the loose skin on the back of its neck. It's a little like "scruffing," only gentler – but we'll get to that
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How to Protect a Cat with Light-Colored Fur from Sunburn
Is your cat at a greater risk of sunburn and skin damage than other cats? Yes, if your cat is white or light-colored, has parts of the body where her fur is thin, and has light or white ears, eyelids, and nose. It seems that any cat might sunburn, but
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