What cat food is best for a cat that vomits everything she eats?

Question by erica_bee: What cat food is best for a cat that vomits everything she eats?
We adopted a cat that was a stray. I bought her some cheap dry cat food. After a week she started throwing it up and won’t eat it any more. She will eat soft cat food but is still throwing up. What should I feed her? I tried mixing rice in her soft food but that didn’t work.

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Answer by Dogzilla
I assume that you have had a vet check her out?? There are meds that can be given that will help the throwing up if nothing too serious is wrong. There are ways to fix some problems that may be wrong with the cat’s stomach.

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  1. Panda says:

    I think you might need to take the cat to the vet and get her checked out.

  2. cali says:

    She may be sick so you should get her looked at. But, if you don’t think that she is sick maybe try Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. But, I would take her to the vet first if I were you. GOOD LUCK!! ;-D

  3. cytogirl1 says:

    I have the same problem with my cat. He has hairball problems and actually ended up with a blockage in his small intestine which had to be surgically removed. He is now on Science Diet Hairball Control. You might want to take the cat to the vet to make sure she doesn’t have the same issues my little guy did. But if she is playing and drinking and using the litter box, she is probably fine.

  4. princesschelz14 says:

    Geriatric cats are prone to a number of diseases and conditions, and one of the more common ones is Fatty Liver Disease, which is an accumulation of fats (lipids) in the liver tissue. The disease progresses this way:
    A previously overweight cat stops eating for whatever reason
    Lacking food, the body starts sending fat cells to the liver to process into lipoproteins for fuel.
    Cats’ livers are not terribly efficient at processing fat, and much of the fat is stored in the liver cells.
    Left untreated, eventually the liver fails and the cat dies. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are common: A previously overweight older cat suddenly becomes anorexic (quits eating), loses weight, and may salivate excessively or vomit. The cat may become very lethargic and may show jaundice (yellowing of eyes and skin). However, anorexia and weight loss can also be symptoms of other diseases, such as liver cancer or pancreatic disease, and FLS (Fatty Liver Syndrome) can only be accurately diagnosed conclusively through tests. A complete blood profile may indicate increased liver enzymes, and the diagnosis can be confirmed with a liver biopsy done under light anesthesia, with a large needle through the skin.

  5. Ayla B says:

    My kitten was about 8 months old when he started doing this. I took him to the vet and he had a growth inside his chest cavity so his esophagus was so narrow he eventually couldn’t get any food past. It was so sad, they said he could get chemotherapy treatments but the cost was so expensive I sadly had my little buddy put to sleep. He lost so much weight.
    You might try worming her, but the cheap cat food isn’t helping. Try cottage cheese, and if that doesn’t help, get out the checkbook and go to a vet. That was nice of you to take in a stray, there are far too many.

  6. teri says:

    a vet check is the first stop…then the best food is Eukanuba lamb and rice dry food…it is nutritionally the best and your cat will thrive…also the wont eat as much and be in better health.
    But a few years ago I met a cat that threw up also it had a thyroid problem and could digest some foods only…and then every so many weeks would have to change for a few days and then be okay again..once the thyroid problem got some help this problem was much better.

  7. tankgirl190 says:

    I would take her to the vet, it sounds like she has some sort of stomach issue, if she’s throwing everything up. My cat is a finicky eater, so I’ve had to try a few different kinds of food until I found one she liked. But cats will still hurl every so often, especially if they eat a lot of grass….

  8. crazynluv says:

    Take her to a vet. A vet will definately know a good remedy. Until then, how about trying only white rice instead of mixing it with her food? And I’m thinking that they make a special kitten formula, which would probably go really easy on her stomach. Good luck!

  9. beletje_vos says:

    My mother would give our kittens (now 10 years old) an egg yolk with warm milk.

  10. sadmariedied says:

    i hate mean but if you r going to keep the cat get to a vet if was a stray it probably has parasites or cancer

  11. SAK says:

    Please, get her to the vet asap! It could be something wrong with a part of her digestive tract or something. Take care.

  12. old cat lady says:

    You must stay away from cheap cat food. Many cats are sensitive to any grain in their diet – most dry cat foods. The cheap canned food (Fancy Feast, Whiskas, Friskies, Science Diet (not cheap) are made with by-product meat which is made up up the trash parts of the chicken (feet, heads, feathers, etc) which is labeled “unfit for human consumption” and treated with toxic chemicals by law.

    Try a more wholesome food. Canned foods can be Natural Balance, Blue, Lick Your Chops, Wellness, Avoderm etc. which use “human-grade” meat. Natural Balance, CA Natural, Solid Gold, Felidae etc. make good dry foods.

    Rice is sometimes used to help stop diarrhea – it will have no effect on the vomiting.

  13. ccd2281 says:

    If several days go on and the throwing up continues, she will get weaker and that can cause a liver problem. Best to get to a vet quick. She might could have just gotten into some time of poison that could be making her vomit too.

  14. blondie says:

    If you haven’t taken your cat to the vet do. I have had my cat for 14 years and she vomits after she eats. I have taken her to different vets and nothing is wrong. I finally got her on the special fur ball formula since she had a lot of those too. It’s more expensive but less “presents” around the house. From what I have been told is when she eats and then drinks water it expands in her small tummy and she throws it up. She weighs maybe 6 lbs she has always been small. But get the better food no cheap stuff and it should help reduce the amount of times your cat vomits, it has made a big difference for my cat at least.

  15. Lois K says:

    If your kitty has a sensitive stomach your may want to try a presciption cat food, IE Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
    Or…we had this same problem with our pet, and the only food he could keep down was meat baby food (Gerbers chicken, turkey, veal) mixed with rice cereal baby food. We ended up feeding him this 10 years.
    But definately, have the vet check out your kitten.
    Hope things go better!

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