Q&A: What can bring my pet Lizards skin color to show?

Question by Fiona Hi: What can bring my pet Lizards skin color to show?
My pet lizards skin will only show blue patches but I think it can show more if maybe I take other steps.

I’ve already bought one of those special lights. But does the color depend? I wonder if buying a blue light would be better than a red light?

i take it’s cage outside everyday when it’s nice.

I’ve only fed it crickets. Is there any other types of food that is really good for my lizard?

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Answer by Bobjoefredsky
Step 1: get a marker
Step 2: uncap it
Step 3: draw on your lizard

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2 Responses to Q&A: What can bring my pet Lizards skin color to show?

  1. Squeak. says:

    It would help to know what species of lizard it is…maybe it’s not being cared for properly, therefore its coloring is dulled? Buy a good book (or two…or three…some aren’t very accurate) on the care of whatever type of lizard you have. I don’t think anybody can give you advice unless we know what species you have.

  2. Chipmunk says:

    I definitely agree with Squeak – knowing what lizard it is will make the world of difference to know how possible it is and what steps to take. In addition to this knowing your temperatures, environment and what you mean by “special” light.

    No lizard I’m aware of is cricket only and can eat a selection of bugs and it is best to vary as much as possible any animals diet – however likely (can’t know for sure at this point with little information) it will do much for the skin.

    Generally speaking and using bearded dragon as an example, UV-dependant species often have a more vibrant flare with the use of power bulbs such as Mercury Vapour – I certainly would swear by the colours being more spectacular using those and I know many more people who would agree. However, it all depends on the animals needs. Health is key to bringing out the best in colours and vibrancy of a reptile as (as mentioned) upset environments can have a negative, darkening result.

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