Meal Time Routine: Cute Release Command for Dog

This is the dog’s silly daily meal routine :) “OKAY” is Dexter’s “release” word for when he can stop doing any command I give him. I used to tell him “Leave …
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While dealing with Holly’s food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. Dog Whisperer: Premieres SAT, Sep 15, 8P et/pt http://channel.nationalgeographic.c…
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50 Responses to Meal Time Routine: Cute Release Command for Dog

  1. Michael Picone says:

    Cute video!! Pep sure is delicate. She looks like she could eat more.

  2. DextersRuffLife says:

    Pep does too. sometimes i sits and stares at her bowl for an hour or more before mommy lets me eats da leftovers

  3. ellietobe says:

    My girl would be very skinny if someone ate her leftovers. She comes back two and three times before she finally finishes eating. She likes to just eat a little at a time. It’s nice that Dexter is so patient.

  4. tgawron2233 says:

    they are so cute

  5. Seven Awsome Gals says:

    That’s freakenen adorable

  6. lacey41908 says:

    Adorable! :)

  7. bum7201 says:


  8. Erich Newman says:


  9. Randomtwixy33 says:

    Yay I love you’re vids

  10. Kylie Westergaard says:


  11. pjem2503 says:

    I <3 you dex and pep

  12. Tinklebellez says:


  13. Tinklebellez says:

    How cut :)

  14. Bjune ski says:

    They are just too cuddly :)

  15. louie40205 says:

    Nice job, Dex! But does Pep ever come back for seconds and find an empty bowl?

  16. StevieDrama says:

    Good boy

  17. feisty2day says:

    So Dex, do you think mommy puts extra in Pep’s bowl so she will leave you some or does Peppermint love you so much that she leaves some for you? Either way you guys are all awesome!

  18. TragicDino says:

    That’s awesome

  19. GucciandRocco says:


  20. H Gray says:

    Awwww!!!!! SOO CUTE!!!!!

  21. pjem2503 says:

    Hi dex and pep I luv you

  22. babybrit8 says:


  23. kibawolflve124 says:

    ha cute

  24. missicabelle says:

    isn’t it typical for a boy to go grub on everyone’s leftovers because boys seem to be a bottomless pit LOL if only I could teach my brother some commands as to not eat all the food in the fridge =-0`

  25. Rachel Wong says:

    I love you guys! I just wish u put out more videos ur so awesome! Xxxxxx

  26. Veranika K. says:

    serves him right!! she should have bitten his butt

  27. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    She didn’t bite him. She used her mouth as a hand. She was trying to snap him out of his aggressive state.

  28. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    You are a fucking idiot. Go back to burying your had up Millan’s ass.

  29. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    Wipe your dad’s smegma from your eyes. It’s interfering with what you see.

  30. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    I don’t care if you think my way. All you have to do is think.

  31. PreciousPea says:

    good on ya holly bite that fool you dont heal a dog with placing fear into have to rehabilitate with love and kindness and most of all trust. Holly has trust issues.

  32. PreciousPea says:

    im sure everyone has got your point..let it go already you cant change everyone into thinking the way you do let it go

  33. caninebehavior says:

    Aboutdogtraining3, check out larry krohn, another punitive based trainer that needs to be choked

  34. caninebehavior says:

    Aboutdogtraing3, I love you for speaking out against abusive dog trainers, thank you

  35. justin nunn says:

    Loved this comment to our good buddy aboutdogtraing3.

  36. justin nunn says:

    Your attitude towards everyone on here is sick and abusive.

  37. justin nunn says:

    Oh… Yeah she didn’t bite him. You’re right. (rolling my eyes.)

  38. justin nunn says:

    You’re a coward and a bully dickbreath.

  39. justin nunn says:

    You abysmal ass face is atrocious.

  40. justin nunn says:

    waaaaayy too much. lol.

  41. justin nunn says:

    You’re an alpha moron.

  42. justin nunn says:

    You’re full of shit. Go blow air out off your ass somewhere else.

  43. justin nunn says:

    You’re a stupid ass. I only insult people who act like assholes…

  44. justin nunn says:

    LOL ” she needs major rehabilitation.” Why is this dog still alive????

  45. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    Another sucker slain.

  46. Oscar Addiel says:

    Will stop feeding you troll. go, learn to hunt.

  47. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    I only insult people who make claims they can’t back up. If any of these asshole Millan fans could present some evidence…..

  48. AboutDogTraining3 says:

    I give each person a chance to back up their claims with facts. When you fail to do so then I make a note that you are a fucking idiot, mindlessly repeating shit you heard on TV.

  49. Bromm ernaut says:

    Do not try to argue with aboutdogtraining. This person has been on many other videos insulting everyone who does not agree with their point of view.

  50. Federico Zuluaga says:

    “I didn’t see that coming” haha

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