Taking a chance could forever haunt you

Toweling off.
pet wipe

Image by MaryEllen and Paul
Wiping spines briskly with towel.

Taking a chance could forever haunt you
There is little sympathy for anyone who leaves a child, elder or pet in a car during stifling heat waves β€” whether it's an accident or unfortunate error in judgement. I almost killed my son Dylan one day when he was still cute and cuddling and the joy
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8 Uses For Vinegar That A Reasonable Person Would Actually Want To Try
To clean the mess (and deodorize), wipe down surfaces with a mix of equal parts vinegar and water. – Get rid of mildew. Full-strength vinegar will get rid of the nasty stuff without the sort of fumes that send one inelegantly running for the nearest
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Melbourne vet reunited with his dog, Wilbur
know which way was home and he's just sheltered there. β€œHe looks remarkably well, we couldn't believe it.” Dr Cavey couldn't wipe the smile off his face and said he was looking forward to some sleep after restless nights worrying about his missing dog.
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