Cute Horse Escape From Stable

This funny horse is really good at escaping from stable. Look how good he is! WOW! Was this horse in the “Great Escape” with Steve McQueen?
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Hi – Larry Trocha here. I’m going to sell one of my favorite horses and I listed all the details below.…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 Responses to Cute Horse Escape From Stable

  1. So1othurn says:

    They’re evolving. O.O

  2. txcshorsecrazy says:

    So pretty. Yet so naughty.

  3. Todesfürst Sinthoras says:

    Awesome horse XD

  4. knowitallabouthorses says:

    I think you need a better lock! I know a race horse (Country Club Sue) that used to do that. They did a more secure lock on her though, so she couldn’t get out.

  5. chhughes9 says:

    Love this!

  6. jake keogh says:

    Hahahahaha well done my horse does that

  7. Anna horserider says:

    i dont know why the person was filming that horse while it was getting out and letting out the other horses instead of stopping the horse.

  8. mk kama says:

    lol he must hate the first stall he past.he is a smart little ducky

  9. Ryan Connor says:

    What breed is he? He looks like a fresian.

  10. jessica curtis says:

    I have a horse like this too. It’s so funny and cute but also aggravating at times Seems like he only gets out when I really don’t want him to. What a terd lol. But everytime they do it seems like he makes my day better when he sneaks up behind me and loves on me :)

  11. Kerriana Moseley says:

    Haha smart cute and funny hes the totall pafkage lol

  12. Maria Cua says:

    wow he smart lol

  13. jill k says:


  14. jill k says:


  15. LzBzB says:


  16. LzBzB says:


  17. horselover9313 says:

    Awww~~he is soooooooo cute!!

  18. gavers101 says:

    The only way that this could’ve been funnier is if there were great escape music playing in the back ground

  19. malenenjaa says:

    So cute and funny

  20. Sez Bell says:

    he is so cute and really clever!

  21. Lucy Equestrain Vaughan says:

    This horse is so cute and a good wee escape artist haha :p

  22. Emma Stewart says:

    So naughty

  23. Chelsey James says:

    Awww. She looks like my horse, except mine has white foot on one her back legs. Horses are cool!!!!!!!

  24. Kennedy Clem says:

    Beautiful horse

  25. Bailey Breyer says:


  26. ltrocha says:

    Hi Sheli,
    Yes, he’s a good one!

    Larry T

  27. shellc83 says:


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