Lazy Weekend + Garden Beginnings

This was Robbie’s last weekend in town for a while, and I’m taking a little road trip next weekend, so we decided that this weekend would a nice, lazy (for the most part) one spent close to home.  On Friday night we went to a birthday party, on Saturday we hung out with an old friend then went out to a relaxed group dinner, and on Sunday I worked a little and we spent time on the beginnings of this year’s organic container garden. 

I love snapping pictures of the garden when it’s just starting out every year.  At first glance, there really isn’t anything to see.  But I love capturing the tiny details of the fresh dirt and plants just starting to sprout.  In a few weeks, it will all look completely different, and it’s pretty cool to look back at photos and see how far it’s come.  Until very recently, I was admittedly one of those people who thought that the act of gardening sounded excruciatingly boring.  I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance two summers ago.  There is honestly something amazing about putting a seed in the dirt, adding some water and sunshine, and literally watching it grow into a full-blown plant or flower (especially when you can step out your back door and return 30 seconds later with something healthy and fresh for dinner!).

Anyone else have a blissfully boring weekend working on their gardens or doing other lazy outdoor activities?

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