Cat lady makes bags out of fur

So this way you can carry change in your cat after it dies. WTF?

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25 Responses to Cat lady makes bags out of fur

  1. MrSighsighsigh says:

    Sure, once you’ve grown some.

  2. Lizathla says:

    she should put plastic over the cat hair.

  3. JagexGotServed says:

    can i make a purse out of my pubes?

  4. kandycandy1 says:

    I think I’ve had brush so much cat hair from my cat to do couple of sweaters and a few throws! :)

  5. Wombleonastick says:

    Funny how you defend people’s negative views and then completely make it invalid by making your own sick view that you’d want these 3 cats to be skinned alive, go to hell, evil bastard.

  6. Wombleonastick says:

    What isn’t gross to you? The plastics in artificial cotton is treated oil that’s been underground for millions of years, ain’t that also gross?

  7. reddwarfer says:

    I think wool is gross, too. I’m allergic to both.

  8. Wombleonastick says:

    wool comes from sheep who have been roaming the wild for years, not as often cleaned and under contact of all sorts of bugs. This is way cleaner, and damn, this is some nice wool.

  9. Wombleonastick says:

    I had to put my dog to sleep, it would be cruel to let animals suffer and deteriorate in illness and disease, putting them down is alot more merciful.

  10. reddwarfer says:

    I have words. omg, ew.

  11. munang763 says:

    It seems a waste to throw that fiber away. Good on her for “upcycling” it into something that gives joy to the owner. Do you get creeped out by the leather handbag/shoes you’re wearing? They had to slaughter the animal for that. This is just a haircut.

  12. SoshiLoveable says:

    they got to shave cos of the hairballs…

  13. TheUn1un says:

    @ 1:54…I was being Sarcastic…this shit is CREEEPY

  14. Sessyliz says:

    Also. Shaved pussy. ;)

  15. Sessyliz says:

    Persian, Siberian and Norwegian Forest cats tend to overheat in summer (even in regions where in winter it’s -40 below; if it’s +30 and sunny in summer, they are practically dying, because they are physically unable to sweat and that way cool off). After the shock of the first time being shaved, they actually realize it’s much more pleasant to be shaved and don’t struggle next time anymore.

  16. HeiHolaHello says:

    Hey, it’s not like the cats are hurt or anything. Our persian cat needs to be shaved regularly, he keeps calm and even seems like he’s relieved. Only difference is we throw the hair away,

  17. 390kylie says:

    I want one!!!! (ps I saw this on animal planet the show “Cats 101″)

  18. KairaBellydancer says:

    THIS creepy? So what can you say about ripping off animal’s skin and wearing it?

  19. persebra says:

    years ago, i brought a booked called “how to knit with dog hair” i never used it because i dont knit. i brought the book because i thought it was so odd. now i wish i had collected the hair from my tomcat, tux who died many years ago and made something of it. will definitely start collecting the hair from my female tabby and have something made.

  20. persebra says:

    people are always losing their mittens, and scarfes and hats go thru much more wear that a bag. these bags are not like to be worn very often, since they will become keepsakes after the animal is gone.

  21. Tinkpaars says:

    I think it’s weird she makes BAGS out of the fur. Isn’t the fur a better use for making nice warm scarfes or hats?

  22. tfrecklesb says:

    It’s a way to use something to keep the world’s ecological state in balance. I think it’s a bit weird, but ecologically smart.

  23. sickdude197 says:

    More like “Once the time comes to murder Charlie for no fucking reason…”

  24. fudgyhoops says:

    I’ll admit, cats are awesome, but Persians are just fucking ugly.

  25. Greenphoend says:

    “Once the time comes to put Charlie to sleep…” So animals don’t just die anymore huh?

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