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It’s been about a month since my last My Style post, and there is one word that will explain the reasoning behind this: winter.  I have yet to find a place indoors where the lighting is good enough to snap outfit photos (aside from public places that are much too crowded for me to not burst into awkward laughter while having my picture taken). And it has just been way too cold outside for photo shoots where I’m not covered in endless layers of outerwear.  In the end, I have accepted the fact that as long as I live in the Chicago area, outfit posts here on Bubby and Bean will be scarce in the winter months.  So there you have it.

All my late winter complaining aside, don’t let the title of this post mislead you – the only blues I had this day were the ones I was wearing.  Sunshine and mild weather are rare treats this time of year, and I was ready to take full advantage of it.  I finally got to wear this pretty, pretty dress that Sugarlips sent me over a month ago.  And I also got to bust out my beloved Ann Taylor denim jacket (oh how I’ve missed you!) that I picked up for $ 4 at Good Will last spring.  It was even bright enough for a couple of hours to wear my favorite sunnies of all time, the Melissa Sunglasses by my pals Beca and Doug over at Tumbleweeds.

This is a very basic, everyday outfit.  As much as I adore getting dressed to the nines from time to time, this type of casual, effortless look is my favorite.  Easy, simple, and comfortable, but still put together enough not to feel sloppy.  I usually wear a lot more layers than I did here, especially in the winter, but there’s something to be said for keeping things simple.  It was nice to just throw on the dress, some tights and the jacket, and head out to meet friends for a late afternoon glass of wine.

Normally I wouldn’t pair this shade of blue with a denim jacket, but I really loved the way that all of the faded blue tones made the bright embroidered detailing of the dress stand out.  This dress is going to be a spring and summer staple in my closet, I just know it.  I love the subtle high-low hem and the drapey fabric, and how the filigree pattern gives a touch of bohemian to what would otherwise be a more classic shift dress.  And the cut-out back is so rad.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear it by itself.

Hair disclaimer:  I am all about the messy hair trend. I’m partial to hair styles that look a little tousled and undone over super-polished looks.  That said, the extreme mess factor going on with the side braid here was not intentional.  I’d like to thank the intense wind that day for styling my half-grown-out bangs into all kinds of awkward positions, and for recreating the exact same look that I had as a 5 year-old after my morning braid had endured several hours of playing “roll down the hill.”

Dress: c/o Sugarlips  //  Sunglasses: c/o Tumbleweeds  //  Earrings: handmade 
Jacket: Ann Taylor, thrifted for $ 4  // Tights: Target  //  Bracelet: gift  //  Shoes: c/o B.A.I.T. 

Who else is excited to start mixing in pieces of warmer weather clothing?  (Exactly 30 days ’til spring you guys.  Just so you know.)

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