Busy running AND doing HealthyPetNet!

What in the world happened this week? Wow! I’ve had so much going on with my Team in Training marathon group and with HealthyPetNet I can’t see straight! It’s FUN!

You know, runners are pet people. LOTS have dogs. So after last week’s run, a few of us came in early and were sitting around talking and the topic of dogs came up.

Anyway, I had trial size bags in my car. I gave out 10 of them! Got responses back from people saying, Wow, my dog is picking out the new Life’s Abundance (HPN) food from his old food. Then other people would get on the thread and say, Hey, my dog does that, too! (Course, I knew that would happen, it’s what always happens :-)

I ordered another 16 for this week because everybody wanted to try it. Before I even get to my group tomorrow, I’ve already shared about six bags with other people. So I just got online to order another few sets of trial-sizes with a whole bunch of the small pouch size samples.

A friend I knew from another sales group called me. She has been on HPN for a few years. She shared it with a friend who also wanted to learn about doing it as a business.

Wow. Is it positive energy or what?! I love it!

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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