Happy Tree Friends – Royal Flush (Ep #72)

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www.CarReality.com Ever wanted to do a complete Automatic Transmission Service with a Fluid Flush and Fluid Change! Well now you can do it in 10 Minutes! This DIY is super easy really fast and ridiculously cheap. The reason we didn’t change the filter is because the filter on this transmission is internal and you would have to take apart the transmission to get to it. There is aa filter for the shift solenoid that can be cleaned to improve shifting. There is a small black round filter for the transmission, its under the air box near the solenoid that could be changed if you want to be more thorough. Catch us in our other 10 Minute Challenge videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Happy Tree Friends – Royal Flush (Ep #72)

  1. azammubark5 says:

    صدق وع مقرف وما يصلح للأطفال

  2. mrKDC88 says:


  3. scg2013 says:

    WHAT…. THE ….. FUCK…….

  4. Dollie Goodheart says:

    Why did I stopped watching this XD

  5. MrKrom009 says:

    lol your famili is awesome :D

  6. Reginald Mcleod says:

    dats 1 sick twisted pickle

  7. gabriel pearce says:

    how does the pickle stay in tak hm?!

  8. Nascar365247 says:




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  9. 19Janitor says:

    They die in “All in vain”.
    2:50 there is a frame of Truffles! Behind the explosion!

  10. adalaalia11 says:


  11. seojun2050 says:


  12. malsrl10 says:

    the epic battle mr.pickles v.s. flippy

  13. malsrl10 says:


  14. SuperDarkshadow145 says:

    Is flaky a boy or a girl

  15. JAOgamingHD says:

    This is such a shitty cartoon

  16. monica vera says:

    My friends told me to watch this…beginning was all fun…then horror

  17. monica vera says:

    0.0 is this really supposed to be kids show

  18. corvik99able says:


  19. Dannyraisin4 says:

    Mr. Pickles and Lammy have not died yet

  20. noriguieomelhor says:


  21. RoSaMiDaOahu says:

    Wow and he called you a pussy.

  22. Drunkmurderer says:


  23. puppyluv123es says:

    I thought she had a period for a second… O_____o

  24. Rainier Veloso says:

    Poor flaky…

  25. Kcducttaper1 says:

    When you start the engine to push the old stuff out, do you stick it in drive, or leave it in park since it’s still spinning the converter either way?

  26. SuperTubegeek says:

    I tried this procedure on my Honda Civic. The transmission shift is much better. One of the amazing Transmission Flush videos on You Tube.

  27. 1954murphy says:

    Great video but you really should wear some type of protection on your hands like disposable gloves. Transmission fluid contains chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and could harm your liver.

  28. CarReality says:

    Yes, thank you Marc. Your explanation is very clear & knowledgeable. We appreciate your feedback!

  29. marc408 says:

    The reason he didn’t change the filter is because the filter on this trans is internal and you would have to take apart the transmission to get to it. There is a a filter for the shift solenoid that can be cleaned to improve shifting also there is a small black round filter for the trans its under the air box near the solenoid that should be change u can find all this info on acurazine and google.

  30. 1your2average3ronald says:

    that was beutifull mate a proper work of art that job was

  31. Mr2pint says:

    good vid – have always wondered why you guys don’t wear latex gloves while handling that toxic shit. Only takes a few seconds to put on. Love mum.

  32. 364jackass says:

    Thats actually not true, not to be an ass, but honda, and acura are to be checked with the fluid at operating temp. With engine off .dodge is neutral, ford chevy toyota etc…on park while running just a lil fyi for ya

  33. jordan trieu says:

    this is very useful video mate , thank a million

  34. TrollingForYou says:

    my 2000 seville is a bitch, it took 15 quarts and it had no drain plug, had to take the entire bottom pan off which was a good thing becaue the magnet was inside the pan and i got to clean that out.

  35. Zubirrex says:

    4 or 5 feet should do it. Get the guy at whatever auto parts store you buy the hose from to take a look at the lines already on the vehicle. They should be able to guess what size you need.

  36. 1SicMind says:

    still didn’t answer why you didn’t change the filter? you change your oil filter when you do an oil change right? same rules apply here.

  37. aodhanof90 says:

    How to check the fluid will very from one manufacture to the next.. for example my Ford Contour needs to be in Park, not Neutral. Honda has you run the car at idle for 15 min before shutting the engine off to check the level. You should ALWAYS read the owners manuel for the car your working on. When it comes to cycling the gears, GM & Ford both have you start in Revers and work your way down before going back through them to park, this ensures that all the valves in the trans are fully filled.

  38. 1SicMind says:

    when did you do the filter and pan gasket? and you do know to check an automatic trans fluid level you need to have it at operation temp in neutral with the car running right? and when you finish topping it up with new fluid your suppose to run it threw all the gears starting from low back up to park….not being an ass or anything you just missed alot of very important info.

  39. averagedude1986 says:

    so do you have to change the filter if you do a full flush, or because you flushed out the gunk that is no longer needed?

  40. AdeptAngling says:

    On my ford 99 189K taurus I can still use this Transmission Fluid FLUSH technique, While also dropping pan, changing filter. ? If so still a huge money saver, and a project I’m eager to tackle!

  41. davjoe1 says:

    did he attached the hose to the supply??

  42. Nosiahk says:

    I thought this was where to create a bomb video, hmmm “atomatic”

  43. 1foxtrot70 says:

    WOW now that saves about $100 more or less and you can take the waste fluid to Auto Zone. Subaru, I think has external tranny filter. I am considering mounting external filters on my Chrysler T&C and my motorhome which is on a Chevy P30 chassis. First time around will be time consuming installing filter after that I think you’ll save a lot of money and have piece of mind knowing what is going on.

  44. 97markviii says:

    Aren’t you supposed to check the fluid level when the car is running? Maybe Hondas are different…

  45. pdgeman says:

    Most cars domestic cars require the pan to be dropped, no 10 minute job there.

  46. jjenson2006 says:

    Probably a better way is to connect the outlet to the waste pail like he did and have the inlet going into another container that is full of clean tranny fluid. In fact, you could actually make such a device out of a long 3″ pipe with a hose fitting screwed into a cap at the bottom of it.

    As the junk fluid comes out, the fresh fluid replaces it. I’m surprised no one sells a kit like that.

  47. Bob Thebuilder says:

    4:19- 5:28 he said the EXACT same thing 3 times but he just reworded it

  48. K18244 says:

    “I feel so” by Boxcar Racer at the end =]

  49. Talon Swanson says:

    I prefer Chiltons. Seem to make a lot more sense to people and a lot more straightforward.

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