Good News for Kabang, the Hero Dog Without a Snout

It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for Kabang, a dog from the Philippines who almost made the ultimate sacrifice when she jumped in front of a motorcycle to save her owner’s daughter and niece. The dog lived, but the top half of her snout was destroyed, leaving her with a disfiguring and potentially life-threatening injury. When the vet suggested it might be easier to have the dog put down, owner Rudy Bunggal refused, citing the dog’s incredible heroics.

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Kabang lost her snout while saving two girls from a motorcycle accident. Photo: Gregory Urquiaga / UC Davis

Project Kabang rallied around the dog, raising enough money to transport her to the United States to receive the best care possible at the University of California, Davis. But her struggle was far from over.

It turns out Kabang was also suffering from cancer. However, a round of chemotherapy infusions seems to have beaten the disease, putting Kabang one step closer to her reconstructive surgery. The hero dog is also receiving treatment for heartworm. She's already received her first dose of medication and is expected to receive the second in January.

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Kabang getting some doctor prescribed bed rest. Photo: Don Preisler / UC Davis

Once cleared, Kabang will undergo surgery to close her gaping wound. Surgeons are planning two to three procedures. The first will concentrate on dental work, extracting teeth and protecting exposed roots. Then doctors will close the wound, restoring nasal functions. Currently the exposed boney structures of Kabang's face are at high risk for infection. Despite the daunting road ahead, vets at Davis say that Kabang "has come through everything very well. Her appetite is still good. She's still bright and happy."

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Kabang will go home to the family who refused to give up on her. Photo: Anton Lim / UC Davis

If all goes well, Kabang might be returning to her family in May or June, where we are sure she will receive a hero's welcome.

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