You Can Help Fight the Puppy Mill Problem

American Humane - puppy mill rescue

As American Humane reports on another dramatic puppy mill rescue—89 dogs living in a 10 x 60 foot trailer and 166 dogs living in a small house in Washington state, many of whom were severely ill—we are reminded that puppy mills are still a major problem in the U.S.

Since retail pet stores mainly source their animals from these mills, they are fueling this cruel industry. Fortunately, many states are passing legislation banning sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits unless they are from a shelter.

You can help fight puppy mills, too:

  1. Adopt, don’t shop. Visit your local shelter or connect with a rescue group to find your new best friend.
  1. Speak up about the problem with pet stores. Write letters to your local paper. Post your thoughts in social media.
  1. Help pass retail bans. See what’s going on in your own community—understand the laws and speak to your legislators about passing bans to prohibit stores from selling pets other than rescues.
  1. Support other supporters. When you donate to organizations like American Humane or Halo Pet Foundation, which supports American Humane and animals shelters across the country, you can extend your reach even further.

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