Heroic Pups Honored with Bronze Statue in Wisconsin Veterans Park

Volunteers Dan and Loretta Scheunemann perform landscaping work around a memorial dedicated to military dogs and their handlers at Highground Veterans Memorial Park outside of Neillsville. The memorial will be officially dedicated June 2

Photo: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This upcoming Saturday, Mike Voorhees, an Army veteran, will give the invocation at the Highground Veterans Memorial for the unveiling of a new memorial to military dogs. Voorhees spent months in the jungles of Vietnam as an Army dog handler and when he returned home from war he became a chaplain.

“I have one distinction no other pastor can say. I can say Satan saved my life at least three times,” said Voorhees. Satan was a highly trained German Shepherd who worked as a scout dog in Vietnam for several years. Learn more about Satan and other Vietnam dogs who will be honored at the Wisconsin Veterans Park.

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