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Shibori Pillows

Whoa guys. It’s a Links I Love post. I realized yesterday I haven’t done one of these since October. And honestly, it makes sense. I was working 60-80 hours a week in November and December, it was the holidays, we had three birthdays in this house, I went to Denver, and, oh yeah, we moved into a new house at the beginning of this month. Did I mention Robbie went back on the road earlier this month and in that time both children have had three rounds of illnesses? Yeah. (I mean hey, we’ve all been busy, right? I say more fun less busy in 2018! But that’s a whole other post…) Needless to say, I haven’t much spare time to randomly peruse the internet in search of coolness. But this week, thanks to a whole lot of insomnia, I’ve had enough middle of the night internet fun to make up for the recent lack of it. And now I’m sharing all the awesomeness I’ve discovered with you.

This incredible, inspiring woman has been dancing for 70 years. I am so inspired by her.

The design trends that will kill it in 2018. (Sign me up for the spa-like bathroom.)

I have looked at this dress from World Market 17 times this week. Someone tell me to buy it.

Speaking of pieces I can’t stop thinking about from World Market, I think I need a couple of these pillows (seen in image above), stat.

Any other The Handmaid’s Tale fans here? (I am obsessed.) Apparently season two (hurry up April 25th!) will “focus on motherhood in a whole new way.”

I found this piece, titled “The Internet Is Enabling a New Kind of Poorly Paid Hell” incredibly interesting.

I want to try this roasted acorn squash with honey immediately (mainly because Epicurious captioned it “this squash tastes like a Snuggle feels).

I love this piece on boys and body image, and how to promote healthy habits. This is something I think about for Emmett and not just Essley.

All of these rings are so, so pretty.

This couple got married 400 feet in the air. So cool.

I want every one of these gorgeous wall sconces for our new house. (I need to win the lottery first, but a girl can dream.)

What are your thoughts on this year’s Oscar nominations?

I normally post these on Fridays, but I’m taking tomorrow off for play dates, errands, and non-work necessities, so today it is. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend! See you back here Monday.



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