Our Scottsdale Vacation, In Photos

It has been non-stop around here since we returned from our family vacation to Arizona, to the point that it’s difficult to grasp the fact that we’ve only been home for a week. Between Essley’s school and activities, a really intense work week for me, Easter, and Robbie getting ready to go back on tour, it feels like it’s been months since we were relaxing poolside surrounded by giant saguaros. I’m ready to go back in time, man.

While we take this same vacation to Arizona every spring and have for years, this was the first time we stuck around Scottsdale instead of venturing off to Sedona or the Grand Canyon or other destinations while there. We had less time on this trip, and the kids were loving just swimming and playing outside so much that laying low just felt right. So while the photos you see here might not be as impressive as the years where we did more exploring, they represent the laid back, truly joyful experience we had. These are all incredibly unprofessional, spontaneous cell phone shots too. (We did shoot a couple of outfit posts in the desert that I’ll be sharing soon; the first photo in this post is from one of them.)

I know I say this often, but I have come to really love these family vacations we take a few times a year, despite the fact that they’re so incredibly different than the way I used to experience the world. I’ve come to the realization that while I technically can’t really call myself a “world traveler” anymore, I’ll always be a traveler. Taking a few flights and a half dozen road trips with the kids in a year is a far cry from the monthly trips I used to take to places like Australia and Europe, but seeing it through my children’s eyes is a whole new kind of magic. And I’ll take it. Until next year, Arizona!


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