Contest Alert: Your Picky Eater Can Help Feed Shelter Pets!

mix 'n mores video contest
Does your picky eater love mix ‘n mores™? Then submit a pet video and Halo will automatically donate 5 bowls of kibble to a disaster relief rescue!

One grand prize winner will receive a year’s supply of mix ‘n mores™ AND will donate 5,000 bowls of food to a shelter of their choice. Four 2nd prize winner will receive 6 bags of mix ‘n mores™.

Simply record a short 30-second video featuring your pet enthusiastically diving into a bowl of kibble topped with mix ‘n mores™ and upload your video here.

Need a few tips? You can:

  • Try recording from your pet’s point of view with either voiceover or captions.
  • You can show your dog or cat waiting with excitement for his next meal or gobbling up his dinner.
  • Think outside of the box. The more creative the better.

Feel free to submit more than one video at any time or do a second version of the video mentioning your current name brand (e.g., “My husky Lyla has been on Nutro for years…she’s not so excited about it anymore. But look what happens when you add a handful of mix ‘n mores.”). Each entry is another chance to win!

Enter our mix ‘n mores™ video contest today and let your picky eater help feed animals in need!

Halo Pets

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