Yall are WONDERFUL!! My Boxer Saydee broke out ton…

Yall are WONDERFUL!! My Boxer Saydee broke out tonight covered in hives and her eyes swollen! My poor baby, I have 4 boxers Mom, Dad, and their 2 daughters…..looking back she also broke out about 2 weeks ago, but it was just a few hives, and she was fine without treatment….As soon as I saw this site, and yall said give Benadryl I was like "why didn't i think about that!! Lol…i think i just panicked!! Also, the med that you recommended Felicia G …..it is good to have both on hand!! So, thank you soooo much ladies!! Yall saved me alot of money!! Big difference between 200 dollars and 6 dollars!! Also Walmart has Generic Benadryl for 88 cents for 24 tablets of the 25mg, and it worked great!! Have a great day yall, and thanks again!!��

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