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Meet the Bodega Cats of Bushwick
For most people, drunkenly stumbling into a bodega at 2 a.m. for a hot sandwich is mostly, if not entirely, about acquiring and eating said sandwich. But for artists like Lia Ryerson, that act can quickly evolve into an art project. In this case, a
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Pet of the Week – Cher
The quintessential “cool cat” with her elegant shiny black fur and piercing soulful eyes. If you have no problems with self-esteem, she is the cat for you. To find out more about adopting Cher call the Oswego County Humane Society 315-207-1070 during …
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'A bit of normality'
'A bit of normality'. In one unit, mother cat Lillian pads around the room while her four-week-old kittens, Ed Sheeran — named for his ginger fur — and Little Miss, nap. In another unit, the slightly overweight Bumble rests on his cat bed, giving a
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