Special attention to pets in Thanksgiving

Special attention to pets in Thanksgiving
His soft coat is mostly white with some patches of red. He is litter-box trained and gets along with children. His favorite activities include playing with toys and snuggling with his humans. This loving little guy will make the perfect family pet. To
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Famed trainer helps Broadway walk on the wild side
He then spent time training them at his Connecticut farm, where all of his dozens of rescued dogs live as pets when not working. After making their Broadway … A coat collection will take place during the run to benefit Jersey Cares Coat Drive. There
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Beware misleading information when choosing a pet
Noah is an adorable 5-month-old pit mix pup with big comical ears, a gorgeous silver coat and a happy “I love everybody” personality. Cooper is a very sweet 10-month-old pit bull terrier who is very eager to please. He wants so much to be somebody's
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Dogs need a health coat, especially in winter
However, we, the owners, (the new current term is pet parents) can help our pets by providing adequate, nutritious meals. It is the food the animals eat that is reflected in the coat quality. The better the food, the better the health of the dog and
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