Tips for Sharing a House With a Pet Who Pees Too Much

Tips for Sharing a House With a Pet Who Pees Too Much
Bathe the urogenital area daily (baby wipes can be a good way to do this) and dry it thoroughly. Cornstarch or similar products can help to keep your dog dry between baths. Having a groomer give the dog a sanitary clip in the urogenital area can also

9-year-old donates lemonade money to shelter
Items needed for the shelter include money, cat litter and Lysol wipes, though anything animal related can be put to good use. The Cornelius Animal Shelter, 19110 Meridian St., is open to the public Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5-7 p.m
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Beyond Just a Bath
“They want to be sure there isn't anything that is going to be harmful to their pet,” said Shweky, who added that the company recently launched BioSilk For Dogs, a line that includes deep-moisture cleansing wipes, shampoos and more. All of the products

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