Quick Bath Pet Wipes by AchooAllergy.com

www.achooallergy.com Quick Bath Cleansing Pet Wipes make it easy to wipe dander and dried saliva off your dog’s coat before it gets into the air you breathe. This wipes are simple and easy to use. They are treated with safe and gentle cleansing and antiseptic agents that soften your dog’s skin with vitamin A, vitamin E, and aloe vera. To remove pet dander and help relieve allergies, use twice the first week and then once every two weeks.
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2 Responses to Quick Bath Pet Wipes by AchooAllergy.com

  1. achooallergy says:

    Yes, the pet wipes will work on dog’s with longer hair. i would get the wipes that are sized for larger dogs, even if you have´╗┐ a smaller dog with longer hair.

  2. Lyrw3n says:

    Cool! Does this work´╗┐ on dogs with longer hair?

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