Search ends for 'Ace Cool' Cooke, the 'Evel Knievel' of big wave surfing

Search ends for 'Ace Cool' Cooke, the 'Evel Knievel' of big wave surfing
His truck was found parked near the beach, his dog and keys still inside. Only his surfboard was missing. Now, the Coast Guard, police and emergency rescuers have suspended their search for the missing man, a 59-year-old with scraggly, chin-length hair
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Why Lea Of Lebanon Wants To Leave Home: #15Girls
Lea inherited her mother's dark skin and jet black hair. She also picked up Portuguese from her mom. … to Broadway; in fact, she's already won a Tony. Now she's in her first starring role, in Sylvia — and prepping by watching her pet, because she
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Some Dogs Wear a Costume Every Day
Breeding human-friendly foxes, they found, produced offspring that not only were even more human-friendly, but the foxes also developed particular physical (or morphological) changes like wavy or curly hair, rolled or shortened tails, floppy ears, as
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