August. Shit

That’s what I have to say about this past month.  Down south it’s just damn brutal and unrelenting. 100 plus and sunny day after day.
But if you want to golf in the hill country in TX in August, you endure it.  We hosted the first annual Puppy Up Charity tournament at the TPC San Antonio and I was in true form.  Just take a look at the potential energy in that backswing.  I mean I was wound up and ready to go.   
Until I spewed vomit all over the 3rd hole.  And while I was driving the golf cart, too.  My good friend, Aaron, a pediatric oncologist at the University Hospital well I hope the experience didn’t scar him too deeply because I threw up throughout all 18 holes and for the rest of the ride to Austin.
And after the tournament which was great even though the host was vomitus maximus, I had to get to Austin to prep for the Master Chef auditions and I had less than a day to do just that.
The good news is that I DID NOT vomit on the chefs and the dish I prepared for them, The Tex Mex Tuna Tower, propelled me all the way to the top in Austin.  
Shooting a 10 minute video came next ( but I had to take a day off and hike #EnchantedRock cause I needed it.  
And then back to SA to cook for my brother’s family but on the route back to Memphis, I stopped at a rest stop to sleep for 30″ that turned into 3 hours & charging my cell phone killed the battery.  
So it’s 4AM in Hillsborough TX & the Murphy Mobile is DEAD! The battery is kaput.  And I’m *cked.  The video is due Thursday & 8 hours away from Memphis… from my boys.  
And yet trail magic continues to follow us and against all odds there was a  24 hours Walmart across the freeway – just a mile away. After talking to a helpful employee named “Shorty” I hiked there, bought a new battery, and within less than an hour installed it and back on the road.  
To jam down the experience, I am a contender for the top LA finalists.  The reason – I rule the road.  
YBD’s Notes 1:  Sorry for not posting for awhile. Paving the path for our next adventure and, well, you either yap about it or ya get in the grind.  Speaking of grinding, here’s a pic of my audition number for Master Chef. Ironic? Iconic?
YBD’s Notes 2: What got me sick?  I think it was the mean Chinese buffet I ate at on Wednesday.  Hey I’m a sucker for buffet even when they misspell meetballs & kung pal chicken.

YBD’s Notes 3:  No El Guapo – you’re not the next Master Chef


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