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Windsor family who lost home missing their cat
“There was a cat door,” Mintonye said. “I can't see why she wouldn't have gotten out.” Mintonye's daughter Alanna Mintonye said the family cat was about 5 years old and had gray, orange, black and white fur, as well as white paws. Alanna and her mother
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Cats and the internet
Cat fads have also come and gone. From Caturdays to cat breading. The latest online fad for cats aligns with the current political races happening in the United States. Trump Your Cat involves brushing your cat then shaping the removed fur into a toupe.
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Rare albino raccoon recovering in wildlife center
“The reason I think she is older is that she has some very worn down teeth and a few broken canines, and her teeth are dirty like a dog's or cat's are when they get older.” Albinism … As a result, the fur is nearly white, and the eyes may appear pink

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