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FDA Puts Strict Limits on Oral Ketoconazole Use
The FDA also said that oral ketoconazole "is one of the most potent inhibitors" of the CYP3A4 enzyme. This effect can lead to sometimes life-threatening interactions with other drugs metabolized by CYP3A4, and also to adrenal insufficiency, since the
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Ketoconazole May Have Role in Managing Acute Urinary Retention
The investigators noted that they studied the use of ketoconazole in treating AUR due to benign prostate obstruction because the drug can lower serum testosterone to castration levels within 48 hours and the prostate is an androgen-dependent organ.
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Pasireotide Alone or with Cabergoline and Ketoconazole in Cushing's Disease
Finally, ketoconazole suppresses cortisol production at the adrenal level through inhibition of steroidogenic enzymes.1 In a prospective, open-label, multicenter trial, we used a stepwise approach for the medical treatment of Cushing's disease, with …
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How to manage a dry scalp and fluid on the elbow
Ketoconazole works on the fungus found on the scalp and can be very effective in some cases. When using the shampoos, use them daily or alternate days until the scaling is under control. Then, using it once or twice a week may help keep dandruff at bay.
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