Hurricane oven cleaner and heavy-duty decarbonizing degreaser

High alkaline, high-foaming, industrial strength degreaser. Rips off carbon and baked on grease in seconds. For more information visit Momar, Inc at For other Momar product videos visit http

A quick overview of how to use GUNK Original Formula Engine Degreaser.

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25 Responses to Hurricane oven cleaner and heavy-duty decarbonizing degreaser

  1. espniga says:

    I need help! Please with details let me know what to cover up with plastic bags…i pay some person to do it but it costs me money..rather do it my own..let me know what to cover up as i spray gunk and what not to etc..thank you!

  2. 3dvorator says:

    Make this to an LT1 old series SBC engine and you’r candidate to a brand new 1500$ optispark unit…

  3. plowmaster1206 says:

    uh, one can does one alternator

  4. RSCGUNK says:

    Yes, like any other engine you just want to make sure to cover up the air intake and any sensative electrical components.

  5. Gavin Dhillon says:

    Is it safe to use in diesels?

  6. Turco949 says:

    Yeah but it will look nice and clean, just don’t drive the car again and it is all good! =)

  7. RSCGUNK says:

    The best thing to do is cover them with a plastic bag and then follow the directions on the can. Your engine is water tight and takes on a lot of water when driving through storms. The most important thing is to not use a direct stream of water right into those sensitive parts.

  8. holymuledeer says:

    I’m looking at cleaning my engine and my biggest concern is getting water in areas that I don’t want it to such as the alternator and distributor. I worry I will damage both components.

  9. TheOnlineBoss says:

    I about shit my pants when he sprayed the alternator with the product, I instantly thought how the hell is he going to get the gunk off the alt you shouldnt spray water on it =o

  10. piper4seeformerly says:

    “Larry it looks perfect..just like you in a pair of high heels”

  11. you1my1 says:

    dr. lary biber + justin biber

  12. RSCGUNK says:

    Poldariser – We have been cleaning engines for over 60 years! Please let us know if you have any further questions. We start the engine at 1:37 in this video, we have a heady duty gel video where you may be able to see us start the engine better. After rinsing we always start the engine to help in the drying process.

  13. Poldariser says:

    No thanks, I would rather stay away from that stuff…too risky..I thought he was going to start the vehicle afterwards.

  14. MrRichierich1990 says:

    this car has an intake gasket ready to go on it ill bet.

  15. RSCGUNK says:

    Yes it is safe.

  16. vumaud says:

    is it safe to use on vehicles with coil on plugs?

  17. Michael Sackstein says:

    I will try and rinse it again. My mother always has the car so I haven’t had the time to do that yet, but I will give that a shot and if that doesn’t work then I will let you know.

  18. RSCGUNK says:

    Michael – If you would like to try and diagnose the issue with us, please call 1-877-464-4865.
    You may want to try and thoroughly rinse the spot again. This should help rinse away any remaining degreaser.

  19. Michael Sackstein says:

    i recently applied both these products onto my 2010 subaru outback, and about a week afterwards the steering started making a squeaking noise. I took it to the dealer and they said that some of the stuff may have seeped into the belts and the only logical way to fix this would be to get deep down in there and clean it all out, they also said maybe in a couple weeks and it will go away. I’ve been using this stuff for a while and never had this happen before. do you have any suggestions?

  20. Michael Sackstein says:

    not a good idea. gotta use a different cleaner for that

  21. infinity3jif says:

    as long as you don’t drown the thing it should be fine

  22. RSCGUNK says:

    You want to cover up the carburetor or any air intake with a plastick bag to keep degreaser or water from entering the engine.

  23. TSideWes805 says:

    what if i sprayed that directly to the carburetor?

  24. MiggyMSS says:

    notice how they do it on 2005+ cars.. i want to see them take gunk off of a car from the 80s or 90s..

  25. 101balasubas says:

    is it safe to get the alternator wet?

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