How To Cut Your Cat’s Hair Without Being Clawed To Death

How To Cut Your Cat’s Hair Without Being Clawed To Death.
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To safely trim long-hair cats, use clippers or trimmers, but never scissors. Trim long-hair cats with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio:…

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28 Responses to How To Cut Your Cat’s Hair Without Being Clawed To Death

  1. David Sloan says:

    Was that a rooster @ 2:11 ?

  2. Danni Sudiarma says:

    I think your cat quite likes it, and the only reason she is growling is
    because you are hurting her with your very tight grip. If let your grip go
    a bit I’m sure she would be fine. That’s the reason why she coughed …she
    was choking by your tight grip!!! poor cat :(

  3. Diamond Heart Crevasse says:

    poor kitty!

  4. Simo Taymi says:

    fk u

  5. ssdtrain1 says:

    its important to always check the temperature of the blades while doing
    cats have thin skin and can burn easily…

  6. hippo potamus says:

    It probably would of been better to just trim the hair with a #3 or #5
    guard. It would of looked better, not as patchy, and achieve the same

  7. kntwing says:

    i never cut my cat hair…poor cat 

  8. B redwhiteblue says:

    What I do, is to lay an old bed sheet on the floor. Then when I am done
    shaving the feline, I just gather all the clumps of hair, and throw them
    away. Then, I take the sheet outside and shake any remaining hair off,
    before washing the sheet. (The sheet covers a wide area on the floor – more
    than, say, a towel, or such would. So, less chance of the hair “Getting
    Away From You”.

  9. Sabine Strader says:

    If your near Beaverton Oregon I’d pay you more than $20 per cat to come do
    my long hairs.

  10. don1559 says:

    He doesn’t have a hair on his head, so he made it his mission to cut any
    hair he sees.

  11. aria bxl says:

    fuck u 

  12. kntwing says:

    cut your wife hair off see how u like that

  13. oasismann says:

    sounds like she likes it

  14. Kristen Csaki says:

    Hi, I’m an actual animal groomer… You do realizing shaving a cat to the
    skin is counter-productive in hot climates right? It allows for sunburn and
    You are also holding those clippers backwards half the time, (and not at
    the right times) and have missed the important places when it comes to
    Finally, if you are worried about being clawed to death, GO TO AN ACTUAL
    GROOMER. It is irresponsible to yourself and to your cat to focus on you
    not getting scratched up instead of the cat’s comfort. First off, chances
    are with a cat you don’t know, compromising their cut to make yourself
    safer will backfire by upsetting them to the point you get hurt even more.
    Maybe this specific cat is okay with your guess work, but you are telling
    people this is the right method, when really it is an experiment that has
    worked on your cat. Others who see and try this can get severely hurt-
    including children and teenagers.
    Second, it is not fair to the cat. Cat skin is as thin as paper, and not
    attached to muscle, so even a slight nick means a trip to the vet if you
    are not trained to fix the break yourself- often meaning you must know how
    to give a cat stitches. Focusing on holding them down so you are safe
    instead of them being safe is dangerous for them. Groomers are trained to
    be able to do both, with the understanding that likely they WILL get
    scratched up. I’m okay with the fact my arms will always be a bit scarred,
    because it is my job.
    If your goal is not to be scratched, don’t just “get a good grip on it’s
    neck”. Wear something other than shorts to cover skin that can be
    scratched. It is not rocket science. Gloves are also important, and a cat
    should not be forced to the floor just so you can sit comfortably. Suck it
    up, put the cat on a table where you can access them more comfortably, and
    stand. They are small creatures, you should be able to see what you are
    doing, at eye level.

  15. Meredith Bunchwa says:

    Love the video! Never thought to apply ” the grip”. Am giving my a cat
    break right now and have learned lots so Thank you!!!

  16. TheAndeegail says:

    Cat looks ugly now.

  17. Anna Clothier says:

    Thank you for sharing. Awesome job!

  18. Jeannie Robles says:

    What is your address. I’ll pay you the $20.00. My cat is vicious. Help

  19. risquecat says:

    I can’t get a good grip on my cat. she is stronger than me.

  20. mark yurchuk says:

    Omg poor kitty she suffring idiot

  21. Magnus Charette says:

    My cat becomes a projectile mass of anger If I even turn on a buzzer

  22. Reincarnation says:

    could you please post a picture of the kitty in long hair…such gorgeous
    fur, but not when in hot weather. she is so beautiful…and a sweet thing.
    can you use her hair to
    spin some yarn? :-)

  23. Linda Bohannon says:

    someone below said $20 that’s funny… I’ve been giving my life saving up
    $100 to have my fancy girl shaved / shampooed. Now the mobile place don’t
    seem to want to call back…..makes me wonder if my cat is on the ‘no call
    list” I’m up to learning, even tried, but we used a shampoo from local
    pet store, made her hair worse. Desperate to have her happy again, w/out
    the matts. She’s also a all white cat which makes it harder, scarier to
    not accidentally cut her skin. 

  24. Galadreal Simmons says:

    so what kind of shaver do you recommend? I have tried to get my older
    fluffy used to the idea by rubbing his back with a not turned on electric
    razor, just so he gets used to the idea. But I was not sure what kind I
    should use for him.

  25. ey wallah says:

    forest cats is having long hair! dont take it off! thats damage they

  26. cruiser cruise says:

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  27. bhentetrez23 says:

    uhh nice! but my profile has better stuff! chck it out! b

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