Dog Fetch Fails

These dogs are hilariously awful at catching and fetching. Links to the full videos can be found below. Watch more funny videos: http://tastefullyoffensive.c…
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25 Responses to Dog Fetch Fails

  1. says:

    Dogs who are hilariously awful at catching and fetching.

  2. Dominique Plume says:

    une petite partie !!!!

  3. says:

    The music just makes it even funnier.

  4. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    This is what happens when people buy into stereotypes. Not ALL dogs play
    fetch. Goddamn speciesist idiots.

  5. Larry Summers says:

    I love dogs and have seen a lot of dog videos. This is the best so far

  6. Dennis Cao says:

    Having a bad day at work? Put a smile on your face with these dogs trying
    their damndest but failing. My favorite is at 1:05 where the treat is
    attacking the dog.

  7. Lätham Woodling says:

    If you watch this at work, everyone will hear you laughing.

  8. Mikko Tyllinen says:

    hahah! awwwww! LOL! they are so funny!

  9. IKeepBadCompany says:

    These dogs look like geniuses compared to my stupid fucking dog.

  10. toyotaprius79 says:

    1:17 What the hell? That was too much laughing! I taste blood now…

  11. Tech Times T-Lounge says:

    Some early #WoofWednesday for ya..

  12. Jan Husak says:

    Tak to mě zbořilo :)

  13. Timothy J. Holloway says:

    I saw this on Facebook and thought of everyone here. It didn’t seem to be
    posted recently, so here it is. My friend who shared this on Facebook liked
    the French Bulldog the best. Me too :-)

    #dogs #fetch #fails #funny #cute 

  14. brandneweyees says:

    The dog who flew away at 0:52 omg ahhahahahahaha

  15. Daniel Peña says:

    Adorably hilarious! 

  16. Darryl Robinson-Keys says:

    +Gini Dietrich +Eleanor Pierce +Laura Petrolino +Lindsay Bell – It’s not
    Christmas(y) however I think it’s still #SFGT (Safe for Gin & Topics)

  17. Bill Mattis says:

    Despite this video…dogs still RULE (except in regards to Luna of course)!

  18. Fred Carver says:

    These dogs are hilariously awful at catching and fetching.

  19. Fryderyk Ka says:

    So funny! :D

  20. nipzilla says:

    Dogs are like people. There are some dumb sons of bitches out there.

  21. Leah Melissa says:

    Wer die letzten Tage zu viel Stress hatte, ist hier etwas zur
    Entspannung… ;) :D

  22. J Jacob Wikner says:

    Är inte alltid så lätt – alternativt totalt ointresse av vad husse/matte
    håller på med.

  23. Daniel Berto says:

    OUTSTANDING COMPILATION, mate! Very, very, very good! Thumbs up, high 5!

  24. Mr_GENALLIST says:

    Those poor people! Humans throwing things is a sign of distress and those
    cruel dogs are abusing them!!!

  25. vanhouten64 says:

    LOL, the Tea-Partiers of the dog world!

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