How to Groom Long Haired Cats : How to Clip Matted Cat Hair

How to clip out matted hair from a cat’s coat in this free feline dental health video. Expert: Carolyn Haynie Contact: Bio: Carolyn Hayn… If your cat is experiencing hair or fur loss then there are many possible reasons. Lets look after our wonderful pets.

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26 Responses to How to Groom Long Haired Cats : How to Clip Matted Cat Hair

  1. Boneyfreak says:

    This video helped me a lot. 2 thumbs up !

  2. Chrissy Simons says:

    I had one long haired cat I didn’t shave she would find it so hot in the
    summer she would stay in the bathtub for days .. Now I have another I shave
    her in a nice weather of spring and she loves it . She is so good taking a
    bath then shaving she purs all the way through and kisses my hand. It’s not
    cruel to do it they feel so much better and there active in the summer more
    then the ones that are not shaved. It be like us wearing a heavy fur coat
    in the middle of summer . Wish I did it with my first long hair cat she was
    dying of heat and I didn’t think of it 

  3. Leeza Browning says:

    Very helpful, thank you for posting. People shave their cats as a last
    resort and to keep them happy and healthy. Your tips were much appreciated!

  4. homesNgardens says:

    Thank you Carolyn! You are the best!

  5. MsMootube says:

    My cat would NOT like that clipper thingie one bit =^._.^= meeeooooooow!!!
    ow ow

  6. mewmewbellbell says:

    Sometimes there is no other way to get the mats off. Would you like to
    slowly die from lack of circulation? Severe matting can cut off the
    circulation in both dogs and cats.

  7. briandd27 says:

    Shut up.

  8. btnheazy03 says:

    she looks like a crazy cat lady

  9. Bill Kilburg says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I really did not know what to do/ Why
    some people say ungreatfull things when you do this for free and to be of
    service,,,guess they really are unconscious and hurtfull people

  10. GigaAndy says:

    Thanks Carolyn, I took these tips and applied them to my own hair- the
    results were fantastic!

  11. BrendaDStevens says:

    i wish I could see up close what you’re doing. my poor cat is so badly
    matted and i’m afraid i’ll tear his skin.

  12. ChaSquared says:

    THANK YOU! My long-haired cat gets mats around burrs he picks up on his
    nightly soirees. Trying to shave them off was always hit or miss until you
    explained that I must get to the skin to begin. Now I have no problem.

  13. happy9132 says:

    did you killed the cat? you didind show the cat in the end?Poor Cat

  14. MsMootube says:

    My cat would NOT like that clipper thingie one bit =^._.^= meeeooooooow!!!
    ow ow

  15. Istebrak-Art Instructor says:

    have some respect, she’s your elder. What you wouldnt say to her in real
    life dont say to her here. Im sure you don’t talk to your grandma like
    that, so have some respect and some real courage.

  16. pant1979 says:

    Congratulations on making that poor cat look like a dick. Now he will get
    bullied by other cats for sure.

  17. Darien Weise says:

    She is so scary…. “I don’t know why cats don’t like their rear ends
    messed with” … I am afraid for my cat

  18. IHeartTheBeatles101 says:

    lady you one nasty b***h you dont need to be so ruff to the cat and why did
    some one even lets you near one >:(

  19. Kim4413 says:

    Wow,you have a LOT of videos O.o

  20. earthalien77 says:

    Q. Can the mats be cut out with scissors? (While holding the cat safely, of

  21. renelll1 says:

    my cat would kill me and who ever comes near him with that.

  22. collinschickens says:

    that cat looked half dead once you had finished – your nuts crazy lady

  23. Juanita T. Wilson says:

    You’ll be able to re-grow your hair or heal your baldness totally by stop
    the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone that cause hair loss)

  24. Deirdra Joyce says:

    Our cat is going bald but there are no signs of redness? why is this
    happening ?

  25. Meena Irani says:

    Thank u for the such beautiful program my kitty 2 ys old now she is Ithing
    n top head losing hair of course wit Ithing

  26. Hannelore Tepper Angel Cat sanctuary says:

    Thank you. having a problem with my kitty. Going to the vet in am. She has
    twitching also and shivering.

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