How to Groom a Cat : How to Brush a Cat’s Fur

Learn the proper way to brush your cat and eliminate excess hair and hairballs in this free video. Expert: Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan gradu…
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Treat a cat for matted fur with daily brushing and combing. Get rid of matted cat fur with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: D…
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40 Responses to How to Groom a Cat : How to Brush a Cat’s Fur

  1. Kilee Burris says:

    that poor cat

  2. lovelyasoomaf says:

    omg poor kitty !!!!!! U STUPID EVIL MONSTER !!!!!! 

  3. kendy4 says:

    so use a letter opener so i can risk cutting my cat? no thank you, very bad
    advice :/

  4. dhimitrisrusis says:

    could please someone tell me what to do my cat??! my cat’s further falls
    off and messes around! but i love his further and i dont want to cut it off
    !! i mean a lot of further falling off!!! in the beginning i thought it was
    sick but it is absolutely fine!! i am desperate in brushing her!!

  5. Tsvetozar Bonev says:

    Poor kitty it was so uncomfortable

  6. cky12qxz says:

    You’re not supposed to wash cats… they wash them selves. that’s why you
    always see them licking them selves

  7. Makentz says:

    After the video she ate the cat.

  8. Aaron Y says:

    my cat loves to be brushed…

  9. Monster FIVE says:

    yup this cat really loves to be brushed alright!!!!!:p

  10. Mandycuteie says:

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!! A LETTER OPENER? TO GROOM A CAT? thats just rediculis!!
    poor kitty :(

  11. Mindraker1 says:

    How to strangle your cat in THREE EASY STEPS

  12. purpleforestwolf says:

    LOL, that cat hated it !!

  13. Chris Bianco says:


  14. mewlittle says:

    SHES DOING IT WRONG. i use a comb and my cats love it thy hate brush’s

  15. BellaLove says:

    Cat abuse? Seriously? So it’s better for a cat to get their fur all matted
    and tangled, yeah that makes sense. She was not hurting the cat at all,
    good god people will complain about everything. I have a long haired cat
    and when I have to comb the back of her legs and belly, I have to hold her
    down because she doesn’t hold still. It’s not cat abuse, it’s called taking
    care of your pet.

  16. TheTexcat says:

    I am glad to see this video. Now I know where NOT to take my cats.

  17. Lucas Runyon says:

    that cat did NOT want to be brushed lol my siamese is the same way.

  18. turquoise70 says:

    Thanks for the letter-opener tip. I have two long haired persian cats who
    absolutely hate being brushed and I’m always looking for ways to make it
    less stressful for all of us!

  19. kentsmom says:

    good idea, tell your clints to put a blade and a sharp point against your
    cats skin. Nice restraining technique too. Leave the cat grooming to a
    professional groomer-not a veterinarian!

  20. Matt Baker says:

    We just shaved our long haired siamese cat. He didn’t mind too much during
    the actual shaving and he was noticeably more active once he was fully
    shaved. He seemed much happier. It was the summer and he was hot I’m
    guessing. That’s why we shaved him.

  21. XxrElEAsEmExX says:

    @cky12qxz u gotta bathe them if ur allergic 2 their smell

  22. CoolParakeets says:

    she probably is hurting the cat even though she says she doesn’t

  23. LoveHannah99 says:

    that cat says I’m pissed FYI

  24. moo moo says:

    my cats like to get brushed =w=

  25. Anne-Catherine Mulhern says:

    @cky12qxz yeah, but they do get smelly after a while. besides, my cat had a
    tapeworm and was sick all over himself, so i did bathe him. even he didn’t
    want to clean that off XP

  26. eyedeeaz says:

    My cat got quite a lot of knots and I just used scissors but was very wary
    of keeping his skin safe. He looked like he’d just been blown up by the
    time I’d finished with him. He still gets them but nowhere near as much
    these days.

  27. B1gBassa says:

    does the cat feel pain with it? my mother has a stray cat which she feeds
    and looks after and she stays at our house at night time..but her furr on
    her back is really hard like all stuck together like glue…taking the cat
    to vet may be problem as she is very scared all the time

  28. ywmpg says:

    Oh man…..what about vegetable oil?? Same concept?? (I hope!)

  29. baddoggie101 says:

    I suspect what happens is the cats will lick the oily mass and pull out the
    mats. I would not use mineral oil as it is not digestible and causes loose
    stools. I tried it but it and I think that is what happened but I did not
    see the cat working at the mat. In the end I had to shave her. Brush them
    every day or else.

  30. Amarichanek says:

    I don’t understand why people buy long-haired cats, if they don’t brush
    them everyday or even once in two days. I think it’s really cruel of them.
    I have a persian cat and I brush her everyday, because I know she needs
    this from me and I’m responsible for her. It’s simple: I don’t brush her –
    she suffers from mats and it really is painful for a cat to have them! I
    realized this when I saw my friend’s persian, with its fur all covered in
    mats. I couldn’t believe my eyes..

  31. Danny Elf says:

    My scissors are not working. How sharp is this tool and where can we get
    one. How much a groomer generally cost for animals?

  32. FlutePixzy says:

    Stubborn mats can safely be cut away simply by putting a comb between the
    skin and the mat. Cut on top of the scissors and you’ll never cut their

  33. Diane Kupper says:

    I did not buy my long haired cat, I rescued her. She does not like being
    brushed, and never has. She is pretty good about getting her mats out (my
    vacuum cleaner can attest to that!). but she does need help. She is 15
    years old, and I absolutely will not torment her with a groomer, or
    anaesthetize her to get her mats out. I very cautiously use scissors.

  34. baddoggie101 says:

    I read elsewhere that using mineral, baby or olive oil applied to the mats
    causes them to fall out after two days or so.

  35. vertebral says:

    i just cut it with siccors, but i cut it out layer by layer, it takes like
    about 5 mins to cut out 1 patch of matted fur haha

  36. kidkoala says:

    thank u so much! I’ve run across ur videos many times and appreciate ur

  37. Ri Donoughue says:

    OMG ThiS Cat IS BeAuTiFuL byew

  38. TheGingerNinja96 says:

    Thank-you, that was helpful! I read somewhere that I should use scissors
    myself, but now I’ve listened to you, I will definitely not do that. Thanks
    a bunch!

  39. ShadowDeathBl1tz says:


  40. Dementia Boy says:

    ??? How would this work?? If your own hair is matted or pelted, applying
    conditioner–or oil–would not cause the mats to fall out. It might make
    them easier to comb or trim, though. More likely, the oily mats would
    collect debris, making them even worse.

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