Too Much Cute: 6 Corgi Puppies Explore Georgia Tech Campus

At the bottom of this article is one of the most adorable videos you’ll ever see. It’s two minutes and 40 seconds of six Corgi puppies visiting the campus of Georgia Tech. The pups are very enthusiastic about going to school, even if they don’t know what it’s all about. They just know they’ll find lots of students who are only too happy to fawn over them and cuddle with them. What more could a dog ask for?

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Frankly, I'm tempted to just leave it there and let you watch. That's the problem with videos like this: As a writer, I just can't compete. No matter how well-crafted or witty my prose is, it's just no match for a bunch of Corgi pups running all over a college campus. The best a writer can hope for in such cases is that people will at least notice that there were words above the video. I have an extensive vocabulary, a B.A. in Liberal Arts, and mastery of the Oxford comma; the video has six-week-old Corgi pups curled up in baking dishes, trying to pick up baseballs that are far too large for their jaws, running races with undergrads, and getting their bellies tickled. I know when I'm outmatched.

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So, enjoy the Corgis. After all, how could you not? For the record, the six pups' names are: Tiny 1, Tiny 2, Tiny 3, Smooch, Rambo, and Chick-fil-a. We don't know which are which, but if you keep an eye on Sucette Baby's YouTube channel, you're sure to see more videos of the six in the weeks ahead. If watching them run around Georgia Tech isn't enough cuteness for you, there's also a video of them getting dumped out of a laundry basket to play in their own back yard.

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