Find real fur cat toy?

Question by Rachel: Find real fur cat toy?
PETA need not apply.

My cats have, on occasion, found real animal fur, and it drives them CRAZY. They love it – and they can definitely tell the difference. Last night, my cat dragged home a coonskin cap. While we don’t want them to wrestle that, where can we find a scrap or a toy made of fur (leather might also work)?

If it’s going to be negative toward wanting real animal products, I really don’t care what you have to say. Hunting animals for fun is way to cool, so is going to the other extreme. In moderation, guys.

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Answer by April R
rabbit fur toys r for sale at pet stores

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4 Responses to Find real fur cat toy?

  1. annastique says:

    just take a look at ur local store even in small towns, if you read u’ll see most of the furry toys are made with rabbit hair becuase there are type of rabbits who’s hair is long enough to be sheared like a sheep and they use it in pet toys.

  2. beonthelevel says:

    Cats do like real fur and leather as opposed to the faux stuff. I don’t believe in wearing fur, but my cats do have real fur toys. On the packages it says that the rabbit fur is a by-product of the food industry, thus the rabbit was not killed to make the toy, but for it’s meat. That makes it a bit easier to swallow, although I still feel bad because I have a rabbit. I often wonder what my bunny thinks when he sees those rabbit fur toys….maybe that is why he is so well behaved! You can find those rabbit fur mice everywhere, Walmart, the grocery store, just read the label. Leather and suede is sold at fabric and craft stores.
    EDIT: Don’t give your cat feathers, they can be eaten, and they are very sharp and can pierce the cats organs, stick with fur and leather!!! NO FEATHERS!!!

  3. Debs says:

    Try a pet shop…we have a couple real fur toys for our kitty that were purchased at pet shops.
    It’s fun for all of us…especially when we come across one laying around at night and think its a real mouse! LOL
    Peta = “people eating tasty animals” and I could really go for a burger right now.
    Another animal bit that my cat likes better than fur is feathers.

  4. Inundated in SF says:

    They do make those cat mice with real fur on them (has a plastic form inside–my cats tear these things apart tail first). You can usually buy sheepskin “rugs” and I think I’ve seen small ones here and there (baby stores may carry them). If you know of any leather making craftspeople who make things like belts, jackets, vests, purses, etc., they might be able to get remnant scraps of fur for you. Or check in second hand stores or at estate sales–you might score fur mittens, muff, earmuffs, stoles, maybe even a coat that is too raggedy to be worth much. Right now during the holidays, lots of stores sell little girl’s winter clothes (hats, scarfs, mittens, etc.) made out of rabbit fur. Also check in hunting dog training shops, hunting dogs are trained to track using pelts (drags).

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