DSC00620 – Smile, are you Kidding….

A few nice dog skin images I found:

DSC00620 – Smile, are you Kidding….
dog skin

Image by archer10 (Dennis)
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Toronto Zoo

Polar bears are considered the largest land carnivores in the world, matched only by very large individual Kodiak brown bears. Both sexes differ in size throughout their range; males being much larger than females and continuing to grow for a longer period of time. These bears have long, massive skulls, necks and bodies with long legs and large paws. Ears and tail are short. The nose is more prominent or “Roman†with a black rhinarium (nose pad). The tongue is black and the eyes brown. The surface of the skin is also black. Fur colour varies slightly with the season: new coats grown just prior to the winter season are very white appearing as slightly creamy white against the stark white of their icy winter environment. This pelage is thick, coarse and long with dense underfur. Guard hairs, found throughout the pelage, are shiny, almost glossy, oily and waterproof and have hollow shafts. Polar bears moult annually between the end of May and August. The coat becomes thinner and has a yellow wash or is almost a golden colour.

Male polar bears weigh between 400 and 600 kg (882-1323lb), and have been recorded up to a maximum of 800 kg (1764lb). Females are smaller than the males weighing up to 300 kg (661lb), and when pregnant up to 460 kg (1014lb). Polar bears are 2.5 to 3.5 m (8-11.5ft) long.

cute paws
dog skin

Image by bullcitydogs
STELLA is a fun-filled Boxer mix, about 4 years old, who came to the shelter several months ago as a cruelty case. When we first met her, she was little more than skin and bones but she put on weight steadily and came out of her shell slowly but surely, so that now we barely remember that sad, neglected dog we first met back in April.
She tends to look a little reserved (even rather sad) in her kennel, but is very playful and exuberant once she gets to go outside. She LOVES to run round our exercise pen throwing her toys in the air, and is always guaranteed to make staff and volunteers smile! She’s excellent with other dogs and would love to go to the dog park.
Stella is SUCH a great dog! She deserves to find a kind, committed, energetic family who’ll enjoy playing with her and giving her lots of love and attention.

Stella lives in Kennel 31.
For more information about Stella contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

Blue Gets A Haircut
dog skin

Image by Warchild
A French Poodle gets clipped to the skin and how his "friends" react to him.

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