Saturday Survey: Keeping Your Dog Out of the Trash Can

Keeping your dog out of the kitchen and bathroom trash can be a pesky problem. We’ve all seen the videos of dogs with trash can lids wrapped around their necks. How do you deal with the problem? Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

I’ve talked to you before about our two and a half year old son Emmett’s road to potty training – which at the time, I thought would be much shorter. My daughter caught the hang of it pretty quickly, but I swear Emmett thinks it’s a game where winning means refusal to even try. I could probably devote an entire post to his toilet training journey, so I’ll just stop here and get to the point of what I wanted to share with you guys today, which relates more to the nighttime part of it, and how we’ve learned (after way too many accidents) how to stop toddler overnight diaper leaks.

Both of my kids had issues with their diapers leaking overnight, which was frustrating for them and for us. They were waking up in the middle of the night because of it, which was creating interrupted sleep for the entire family. We were also having to change and wash sheets several times a week or more. Not fun. Eventually, after trying all sort of different things to attempt to stop the leaks, I found some solutions that really worked.

How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks

I decided to write this post after a friend of mine had become frustrated with the fact that her toddler daughter was leaking through her diaper onto the sheets almost every night, and she ended up using some of the tips we’d tried with great success. Even if you’re not toilet training and/or your little one is younger, overnight diaper leaks are a common problem. My hope is that if you’re running into the same issue, that the things that have worked for us will work for you as well!

5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good
5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

1. Pay attention to diaper size. We use training pants during the day, but often use diapers at night. And after enough overnight leaking, I realized that sizing up can make a massive difference at nighttime. The logic is pretty simple – a larger diaper will hold more. (That said, a diaper that is too big for your babe can leak as well, so make sure the fit is snug enough when you do size up.)

2. Limit drinks before bed and in the night. Yes, this is common sense, but sometimes it takes a minute to learn a lesson, right? Both of my kids wake up and want water almost every night, so we used to keep sippy cups on their bedside tables – until we realized how much their overconsumption of liquids was contributing to overnight leaks. I’d read to avoid letting them drink anything for an hour before bed and to limit drinks in the night (unless they were truly thirsty, of course), and once we did that, the leaks were less frequent.

5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good
5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

3. Use Sposie Diaper Booster Pads. This is the truly the best tip I can give, and the thing that has ultimately made the biggest different in ending Emmett’s overnight diaper leaks. Sposie boosters are our nighttime diaper guardian angels, guys. You just insert the booster flat pad into your baby or child’s disposable diaper, cloth diaper, or training pants (they work with all brands, sizes, and types!) before bed, and the capacity of the diaper is essentially doubled by adding up to 8 fluid ounces of absorbency. Brilliant, right? Sposie boosters also reduce irritation by wicking away moisture from your little one’s skin and creating a stay-dry barrier. They’re designed to work for both girls and boys, and we’ve used them for both with great success. I also love that they’re fragrance free, latex free, chlorine free, and made in the USA. And they’re easy to find – we’ve ordered them from Amazon and Walmart, and they’re also available online and in store at Target. (Click here for the full list of retail locations.) We also use Sposie for travel (both road trips and flights) and long naps. I highly recommend them as genuinely the best way to stop toddler (and baby) overnight diaper leaks for good.

5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good
5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

4. Always go to the bathroom before bed. This is actually great for potty training too, and helps establish a routine where your toddler can get in the habit of using the toilet at the same time every night. Even if your toddler doesn’t have to go, sit him or her on the toilet right before bed. Often they do have to go and don’t realize it, and this allows their bladders to be emptied so chances of an overnight diaper or training pants leak is lessened.

5. Give rewards. We have a responsibility chart on our fridge where the kids get a star every time they complete a chore or do something well. The very first item on the chart is “keep a dry overnight diaper.” If Emmett makes it through the night without going in his diaper, he gets a star. It’s amazing how motivating it is for the kids to do things when they know they’re getting rewarded!

5 Ways to Stop Toddler Overnight Diaper Leaks For Good

There you have it! I hope these tips prove useful to those of you dealing with toddler overnight diaper leaks like we were. And if you have any tips I might have missed, please share in the comments!


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Patreon Revamp


Now that I’m branching out on my own and trying new things in a totally new state, I have decided to revamp my Patreon.

The most important difference with my Patreon now is that I am now offering a “Cash for Questions” reward. The way this will work is that if you pledge $ 5 a month, I will allow you to send me questions, which I will answer in a Youtube video, that will be part of a Youtube Live. I plan on doing this on the last Friday of every month. The first of these will be held on August 31, 2018 at 6:30 PM Eastern (US).

Anyone who pledges $ 1 a month will be invited to a private Google Hangout with me on the first Friday of every month, with the first one on Friday, September 7, 2018 at 6:30 PM Eastern (US).  Everyone who pledges the $ 5 gets included as well.

Also, I am going to allow anyone who donates $ 10 or more to my Paypal, retrievermanpaypal(at) to be included in the next “Cash for Questions” livestream. The cutoff to be included is midnight (Eastern) on the Wednesday before the Friday livestream. If the donation occurs after that time, I will have to hold it over for the next month. These monthly donations do need a time limit, so I can do research before the livestream. Monthly donations do not get any of the livestreams or Google hangout rewards.

Questions should focus on the topics covered in the blog. I know I am fascinating, but I am a square.

I am going to be blogging a lot more, as you may have noticed from the increased activity this month.

Once I get 100 patrons, I will post one Youtube video per week on topics related to this blog.

So if you can donate using Patreon or my Paypal, it will greatly help high quality content on this space. Thank you so much for reading and commenting all these years. We are beginning a new adventure together.




Natural History

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As Summer Storms Become More Fierce, How Can You Help Your Cat?

Cats and Summer Storms

Photo Credit: Kelly Reeves

You already know that climate change can affect your cat. You also know that summer storms can become more fierce as a result of changing weather patterns. Whether those storms are simply extra strong thunderstorms, or more dangerous tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s important to prepare to help your cat get through the rough weather as safely and as calmly as possible.

Dr. Jason Nicholas, better known as Dr. J, is the Chief Medical Officer at Preventive Vet. He shared with us some ways to help your cat stay calm during scary summer storms. Frist, make sure that you’re prepared for the big emergency-type storms. We have a post about 7 Ways to Protect Your Pets in an Emergency that is a great place to start. In addition, Dr. J has both a free Emergency and Disaster Prep eBook and advice on assembling an emergency kit. Also, make sure if you live in a hurricane or tornado area that you know where you and your cat can safely shelter if a major storm comes your way. Always remember that if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet.

Another way people can prepare for possible disasters is to work with any pets who might be scared of loud noises. This is helpful both for hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as the less dangerous but still scary summer storms that can whip up fierce winds and knock down branches. After all, more severe thunderstorms mean more loud claps of thunder! Other disaster situations can also involve lots of hustle, bustle, and noise. As a bonus, working with your cat to overcome loud noises will help your cat stay calm on Independence Day or other holidays when people are launching loud fireworks.

“There are training methods to desensitize and counter condition pets to such noises and events, as well as certain supplements and medications that can help,” said Dr. J before cautioning “one thing they shouldn’t do is rely solely on a medication called acepromazine, commonly called Ace.” Ace, he writes in an article, has its place in veterinary medicine but should never be the single therapy to help pets through fearful or anxiety-inducing experiences. He even refers to it as a “chemical straightjacket” since it’s merely a strong tranquilizer that prevents the pet from displaying any outward signs of fear. He notes, “Ace can actually increase a pet’s sensitivity to noises!” Obviously, this is not a great tool when preparing for the possibility of more frequent and more severe storms that will likely have loud wind and thunder. “People really should talk with their vet, or even a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, to help with this condition,” Dr. J advised.

When it’s muggy before a storm, it can feel extra hot outside, and even in our homes. Dr. J notes on his website that cats are good at “finding cool places where they can better regulate their body temperature.” However, there are still things you can do to help your cat feel her best despite the heat. Halo believes that it is important to feed your cat with whole food ingredients, and no “meat meal” of any kind. As Dave Carter, our Director of Sourcing, states in a Facebook video, “We just think that when you go back to that natural, that OrigiNative™ source, you’re getting a whole protein that’s healthier for us and healthier for our companion animals.” In addition, although the rain might fall with force outside during summer storms, it’s important to keep your cat hydrated. We recommend adding wet food in summer months. Of course, also make sure that they have access to fresh, clean water for drinking. Dr. J. writes that if your cat eats wet food, it’s possible for them to consume half of their daily needed water from the wet food alone!

Our cats do so much for us, it’s important that we do our best for them. All of our halos shine brightest when nurtured in a heartfelt, two-way, human-animal bond. Feed your cat nutritious Halo food, prepare for disasters, and help her cope with loud noises that come during scary storms – that bond will be strong, healthy, and thriving. Doesn’t that sound purr-fect?

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Dog Saves Family Farm

Ted the Springer Spaniel Who Saves Family Farm

Fire is terrifying for any family, but especially for a farming family who must worry about all of their farm animals. The family at Challans Partners’ Longcroft Farm is grateful that a fire only wrecked machinery and a barn recently, instead of people, calves, or a pregnant cow. The reason the fire didn’t harm any people or animals on the farm in Derbyshire, England? A Springer Spaniel named Ted.

According to the Burton Mail, Ted jumped into action and alerted his family about the fire by loudly barking when the flames flared up from an electrical fault. It was around one in the morning when Ken Colwell, the farm secretary, heard Ted barking. Ken’s wife, Ruth, then spotted the flames and immediately called emergency services.

Ken praised the fire responders, saying “The firefighters were extremely professional….They were absolutely first class.” Because Ted made Ken and Ruth aware of the fire so quickly, the firefighters were able to protect two barns full of cows for the night, including calves and a pregnant cow. The wind that night was blowing the fire toward the barn where the calves had been resting. The fire was fully contained and out by shortly after four in the morning – barely three hours after Ted started barking the alarm.

Ken was grateful for his neighbors and told reporters, “I would also like to praise some of our neighbors who were actively on site offering assistance and support. We cannot thank them enough for their support.”

Ken’s partner at the farm is his brother in law, John Challans. Ken noted, “John and his wife Fiona, as well as Ruth, were mainly concerned about the animals….That is a huge testament to the good heart they have got and that is not to be underrated.”

We love that the Challans and Colwells were more concerned with their animals than with buildings or machinery. Halo’s mission is to not only make great cat food and dog food that pets love, but to change the way farm animals are raised for the better. We’re conscious about how we source our ingredients. We work for changes in pursuit of a notion of animal husbandry that challenges the old, one-way view of animal management where animals are solely for our benefit.

We believe that we all need to take care of each other – people, animals, and planet. Every animal in our lives, not just cats and dogs, carries a halo above it. That halo shines brightest when nurtured in a genuine, heartfelt, two-way, human-animal bond. It’s obvious from the priorities of the Challans and Colwells that their halos are shining brightly, just like that of their hero dog Ted. We hope Ted is getting lots of praise and healthy treats to reward his quick thinking and alert barking.

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Angels and laughter helped hero hiker carry injured dog down the mountain

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Celebrate International Cat Day with Halo®

International Cat Day

Halo is giving pet parents one free can of our holistic natural cat food. Simply go to, print your coupon, and redeem it at your local Halo retailer.

We will match every can of wet cat food we give away with a bowl of cat food donated to a shelter, in partnership with and Plus, all pet parents who redeem a free can of Halo cat food or post a picture of their cat with #HaloPets and tag their favorite shelter will also be eligible to win 10,000 nutritious bowls of Halo to donate to a shelter of their choice.

The coupon can only be used on International Cat Day itself, August 8, 2018, and while supplies last.

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Golden puppy update at 3 weeks

Light blue collar (male, AKA “Slurpee,” because he was born on 7/11!)  Darkest pup in the litter and currently the smallest, he has the working golden retriever traits of being quite bold and curious. His head has no blockiness at all.

light blue (Rush x Fontana)

Red collar (Female, AKA, “Apple”), darker-colored pup. She has working golden traits, but she is currently the largest puppy in the litter.

Red Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Yellow collar (male). Lighter gold in collar. He is the most people oriented of the litter thus far.

Yellow Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Green collar (male, “Mr. Green”). Darker-colored pup. This one has pretty strong working dog characteristics, darker color and less blocky head.

Green collar (Rush x Fontana)

Purple collar (male). Lighter-colored pup. His head shape strongly resembles his mother and her litter-mate, Chunk (Windridge Middle School Sweethearts).

Purple Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Uncle Chunk:


Orange collar (male, mid-golden in color). This pup has working dog characteristics as well but also has quite a bit of breed type.

Orange Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Blue collar (Female, “Crush,”) very small female puppy that is lighter in color. She has a cute little imp face that many of Fontana’s full siblings have.

Blue Collar (Rush x Fontana)






Natural History

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Best Dog Ever

Anka holding down the fort:

anka in repose

Or she is making sure the fish don’t escape from the tank.


Natural History

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8 Summer Into Fall Denim Styles I Love

8 Summer Into Fall Denim Looks

I’ve never been one of those people who starts getting excited for fall in August. It’s still summer until September 22nd, if we’re being official, so can we just enjoy the rest of the sunshine and flowers and happy beach vibes before having pumpkin spice lattes shoved downed our throats, man?

That said, I will admit that I do start thinking more carefully about any clothing pieces I purchase this time of year, since I know cooler weather is around the corner. I definitely do not run straight for the sweater rack (in fact I refuse to even look in its direction until October), but I am mindful of looking for styles I can wear now that I won’t need to pack away as soon as fall arrives. And that is why denim is usually my number one choice for any new purchase I make this time of year. It’s so easy to transition denim, if it’s done right, from season to season. It just works.

The denim pieces you see here are all styles I have my eye on that I feel work well now, but would also work into fall. I’m only allowing myself one though, so you guys have to help me pick. Which is your favorite?


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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